Adrenaline is the hormone responsible for extreme emotions. Situations that involve danger, threat and excitement. A hormone that is also released in plenty when you so much as glance at the Lamborghini Huracan EVO AWD. It is incredible, the rush of emotions you feel when you look at it, especially in Giallo Belenus (even ‘Yellow’ sounds cool in Italian). It looks fast even when it is stationary and it is by far the most exciting way to get around. Or is it?

You see adrenaline is also released when the body is prepared for flight. The miracle of flight is something that always gets us giddy and excited, no matter how often you have been on board. However, what isn’t an everyday affair (unless you are a billionaire or Sylvester Stallone) is getting on board a chopper. Have the two together and you are all set for an adrenaline overdose. Well, what do you think happened?

Lamborghini X Chopper

It was a Friday and while the city was gearing up for yet another weekender that would end up in a bad hangover, we decided to get our fix with something ludicrous. A drive with the Lamborghini Huracan EVO up to the fantastic Hilton Shillim Retreat and because we did not want to come back the same way, got in touch with ‘Blade India’ to see if they have can get us seats on their charter helicopter services. Now, just a little background, Blade India is basically an aviation company that offers helicopter services between set locations.

Thankfully, Hilton Shillim is one of those. They have their helipad within walking distance and the 2-hour journey by car takes just 30 mins by the chopper. Now you might be thinking, renting a helicopter is pretty steep, even if you have a Lamborghini, but the beauty of Blade is that you need not rent the whole chopper. You can book your individual seat and pay a fraction of what it would cost for the entire cabin. You can do that with our sister company

Now, the chopper was set to land at the helipad by 11 am and we fired up the 5.2-litre V10 in Mumbai at 9 am. That might seem like it is enough time, and if you are in an SUV it is. But, navigating bad roads and peak hour traffic in a low-slung Italian exotic is a whole another ball game.

Lamborghini X Chopper

But we had our work cut out because, like time and tide, helicopters too wait for nobody. Accompanying us was Captain Rishabh Kapur who has flown the Airbus 320 for over a decade and is now flying the globetrotting Boeing 787’s with a leading Airline. We are always happy for aviation enthusiasts to join us for such reviews on and it was great to have him on board with us. It was on flight schedule so the timing was crucial.

With sweaty palms and a lot of blue language at the traffic, we made it out of the chaos and on to the Mumbai-Pune Expressway. Possibly the only stretch where you can take the Huracan up to its redline, release 630bhp and make those adrenaline glands pump. The V10 scream is a prominent reminder of how EVs can never be as emotive and desirable. To those who were trying to nap in the Shivneri’s – We are sorry. The tunnels rumbled each time I flexed my right foot and the traffic parted ways seeing the yellow rocket in their rear-view. In no time we were in Lonavala and onto the B-road that connects to the Hilton. Of course we took turns and it’s not easy to ask Ramesh to leave the steering wheel Now, that meant the Huracan would need to be at crawling speed and as I approached, I could hear the rumble in the sky. As we pulled up to the helipad, a cloud of dust masked everything in sight and as it cleared away, there it was in all its glory – Blade’s Airbus ACH130.

Lamborghini X Chopper