Lamborghini’s electric future explained

The next three years will see some radical changes to the Italian marque

It sounds as bonkers as when Lamborghini announced they were planning to enter the SUV segment. But, that didn’t turn out quite as bad, did it? The Urus has been one of the most popular models and one that has seen thousands of buyers, so when Stephen Winkleman, President and CEO of Automobili Lamborghini, said the Lambo’s after 2024 will be all-electric, it wasn’t a big shocker.
The move comes as part of Lamborghini’s commitment to the environment and also due to the rising number of electric supercars that have been slaying the Aventadors and Huracans out on the drag strips. However, it is the former that the company is sticking to.
Called the “ Direzione Cor Tauri ”, it is Lamborghini’s roadmap for what’s to come in the near future. A complete overhaul of the company, which includes the Sant’Agata Bolognese site, the production lines, and the offices as well. The area received carbon-neutral accreditation back in 2015 and has maintained that despite the facility growing two-folds since.

So what can we expect to see from the Italian marque going forward? Well, there are mainly three aspects to it.
The first is the celebration of the internal combustion engines. There will be two new supercars announced with the fabled V12 engine along with the development of the hybrid tech that was kicked off with the wild-looking Lamborghini Sián. So if you can get your hands on the naturally aspirated V12 on the Aventador, take the jump now, because everything after this, will have electricity involved.

By 2024, Lamborghini is aiming at full electrification of its entire range. 2023 will see the arrival of the first production hybrid supercar and Lamborghini is adamant that it will have the core principles of Lamborghini which are performance and the unique driving experience. It will also bring in new technologies and a lot more use of lightweight carbon fibre to counter the added weight of electrification. Lamborghini aims to reduce the carbon footprint by almost 50% of its products by 2025. The shift to hybrid tech will be funded by a €1.5 billion allocated over the course of four years, which is the largest in the history of the company. It also shows Lamborghini’s commitment to saving the environment.

You can expect the first fully electric Lamborghini in the second half of the decade and while that is a thought that might induce tears, Lamborghini assures the EV will carry forward the Lambo traits that we all love. It will be just as wacky and will go like the clappers as well. But yes, we will miss that howling V12. No replacement for that. This will also be the fourth model in their line-up and one that will feature a two-door, four-seater layout.

All this might seem like it is the end of the internal combustion engine, but we still have plenty of time to rejoice with the V12 and V10. Let’s not attack Lamborghini with pitchforks and instead let us welcome what can only be some of the fastest and wildest supercars that Lamborghini has ever made. We need something to shut up the Tesla’s after all.