The Land Rover Defender is set to demonstrate its true capability and durability as it will be used as a support vehicle for the extreme Red Bull X-Alps, nicknamed the most challenging adventure race in the world.

Let me explain what this race is all about. The Red Bull X-Alps athletes will negotiate more than 1200 km of demanding alpine landscape in up to 12 days, from 20 June to 2 July 2021. Each of the 32 competitors will combine hiking, ultra-running, mountaineering and paragliding in an actual test of human endurance and stamina. On a typical day, the athletes can expect to hike over 50 km with vertical ascents of up to 5000 m, burning as many as 6000 calories. (Still need the motivation to head to the gym??)

Herein lies the Defender’s party trick it has proved to be an extremely capable and durable 4×4 and will work to provide transport and shelter to the participants from the ever-changing race conditions. It is equipped to carry vital supplies and equipment. The fleet of Defenders on duty is also kitted with Autohome Roof Tents to aid athletes and crew members in their much-needed recovery, providing a safe and comfortable place to rest. Additionally, as a support vehicle, the crew members will test the Defender’s expedition credentials to the extreme. With a maximum payload of up to 900 kg, dynamic roof load of 168 kg and static of 300 kg, each vehicle will be loaded with equipment and supplies.

Ulrich Grill, Race Organiser, said: “Land Rover is synonymous with endurance adventures and the Defender will play a vital role in the Red Bull X-Alps challenge, supporting the competitors and race organisers as they battle the elements across the 1238 km course. Its unstoppable capability and practical cabin mean it promises to be one constant throughout the 12-day event that participants will be able to rely on come rain or shine.”

Accessories including Land Rover’s Portable Rinse System, Exterior Side-Mounted Gear Carriers and Integrated Air Compressors will combine with Defender’s integrated 4G Wi-Fi connectivity and the Autohome Roof Tents to give competitors everything they need to rest and recover properly at the end of each day and to complete the epic event.

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