Yes, it’s true. A supercharged 550bhp, lifted and fully-equipped LX-based concept off-roading machine is tastefully strewn upon your screen. Named the Lexus J201 Concept, it is the plus-alpha iteration of the renowned four-wheel drive Lexus LX570, which was indeed the carmaker’s largest SUV. And elevated by the utmost level of omotenashi, that is culturally-attuned, anticipatory, Japanese hospitality. The custom Lexus J201 is a meticulously crafted instrument, to enable and embrace the most salient of retreats imaginable.

Lexus J201 Rear View - Topgear Magazine
Crafted by over-landing experts, Expedition Overland, J201 introduces the Lexus pillars of Brave Design, Imaginative Technology, Exhilarating Performance, and Omotenashi beyond the paved path.

Even after being the largest Lexus SUV, the old LX570 enjoys the rush of power, coming from its 5.7-liter V-8 is naturally aspirated engine. That churns 383bhp of power and 546Nm of torque. However, the J201 features a supercharger, making it fire more than 500bhp of power and 746Nm of torque. The supercharger is an aftermarket unit sourced from Magnuson, which can be added to all other SUV’s like the LX570, Tundra, Sequoia, Land Cruiser, which come with the same- 5.7-liter naturally aspirated V-8 engine. Also, the new Icon Suspension provides a face lift of up to 4.8 inches in the front and 4.1 inches at the rear end.

Lexus J 201 Exterior Look - Car Blogs Online
Based on the venerated LX 570 flagship, J201 enables extraordinary retreats through curated enhancements.

As per Lexus, the inspiration for the J201 idea is multifaceted. The global cohort of off-roading enthusiasts who adore their Lexus sport-utility vehicles is growing. Just as they influence others through their compelling social media and weekend gatherings, these enthusiasts and their passion for exploration and adventure has influenced designers at Lexus, to craft the J201.

Lexus J201 Front View - Car update Online
The J201 gets an automatic transmission that channels the cavalry to the four wheels through its upgraded differentials.

The J201 comes with more performance-oriented features like- ARB front and rear air lockers, which are a great upgrade to provide useful traction to the General Grabber X3 tires in sticky situations. The CBI off-road bumpers, front and rear are complemented by CBI skid plates and rock sliders. A Warn Zeon 10-S winch is also on board, along with two Rigid Industries light bars and a TJM Airtec snorkel. For gear storage, there’s a Prinsu rack up top with storage for MAXTRAX traction boards. Inside the cabin, is a Goose Gear drawer system and Zero Halliburton aluminum travel cases to store other equipments.

Lexus J201 - Car Magazine Online
Set to debut at the 10-day-long Rebelle Rally on October 8 with defending champions Rachelle Croft and Taylor Pawley behind the wheel.

Born from a philosophy of cross-functional omotenashi, and assembled by over-landing experts, Expedition Overland, the J201 Concept anticipates the tasteful requirements and needs of the Experiential Adventurer.

The special Lexus J201 will also run in this year’s Rebelle Rally, a all-female rally, with past champs Rachelle Croft and Taylor Pawney behind the wheel. The two Lexus drivers will field J201 during the 10-day women’s event spanning over 2000 kilometres of challenging topography and climates throughout California and Nevada.

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With nothing but maps, compasses, and roadbooks, Rachelle and Taylor will put J201 through the ultimate field test. How’s that for a debut?

We don’t expect this custom J201 to rally towards the mass production line. It’s based on the LX507, which itself sells in extremely limited numbers- with just 4,718 units sold in 2019. The LX507 is also an old SUV, waiting for its replacement. This concept looks to have all the powers from its parent and is not destined to end up in a boring garage either.

What we do expect is, this supercharged beast will tame down the powerful Ford F-150 Raptor, in the Rebelle rally. Whatever happens, the Lexus J201 is definitely a looker. And the credit of this beautiful beast, goes to the LX 570’s internal Lexus chassis and platform code, URJ201, which, to off-roaders around the world translates to “The Business”.