British sports car manufacturer Lotus has revealed some details of their last sports car that will feature a traditional internal combustion engine. Named the ‘Emira’, the coupe sports car will be following the footsteps of Elise, Evora, and Exige. The name means ‘leader’ or ‘commander’ in many ancient languages. Teaser images reveal little, but if anything is to be speculated, it will take heavy inspiration from the all-electric ‘Evija’ hypercar.

A couple of images that have been out in the open showcase the front end that has a familiar design language with simple lines and a rather docile fascia and it is assumed to follow this design language throughout.
The powertrain isn’t confirmed yet, but as mentioned earlier, Lotus has confirmed that this will, in fact, be the last time that a Lotus sports car features a traditional internal combustion engine. Every car from here on will be an EV.

There are rumors doing the rounds about the powertrain and they speculate two engine options. A four-cylinder petrol engine with over 300bhp and a Toyota V6 that churns out over 400bhp. We seriously hope that is the case as the company has been confident that it will also have the driving dynamics of the Lotus of the yesteryears.
The interior too is expected to be a lot more luxurious and feature-rich than previous Lotus models. However, no images of that have been out yet.
Set to be unveiled around the 6th of July online, the first time it will be out in the flesh will be at the 2021 Goodwood Festival of Speed that is scheduled between 8th-11th July.
Speaking about the Emira, Matt Windle said: ”It’s the most accomplished Lotus for generations – the perfectly packaged, powered, and formed sports car. Beautifully proportioned, shrink-wrapped, but with comfort, technology, and ergonomics built-in. With a design inspired by the Evija all-electric hypercar, it’s a game-changing Lotus sports car.”