In the action-packed May issue of TopGear India, get Chris Harris’ take on Porsche’s latest track weapon along with Lotus’ electric hypercar the Evija. We also have a list of upcoming cars that have been halted by this second stint of COVID and a list of desirable cars that you can argue about. On two wheels, it is the return of the Suzuki Hayabusa and everything to know about it along with a list of bikes we would love to see on our poorly constructed and pothole-ridden roads. There is also a little treat for your eyes, but that’s a secret we won’t reveal. What’re you waiting for? Click here to buy now!

Porsche 911 GT3

The latest generation of the “world’s best sports car” is here, but can the new 911 GT3 live up to its reputation?

Lotus Evija

Can a 1,600bhp electric prototype really handle like the cars of Lotus legend?

Most wanted cars of 2021

BMW M340i
Listing down cars that appeal purely on their desirability.


Jaguar I-Pace
A second wave of the deadly COVID has yet again halted a lot of new cars, so we narrowed down a handful of some of the more exciting ones for you.

Wishful thinking

There’s no harm in a little wishful thinking, especially if our roads aren’t the best.

Suzuki Hayabusa

The fabled Hayabusa has made its comeback, but is already sold out in India!

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