With the hustle and bustle of city life, the constant honking and commotion outside, your car should be the perfect companion for your office journeys as well as weekend drives. The new Mercedes E-Class successfully emulates this. Its business-class cabin-like experience, the excellent 9-G Tronic transmission, and one of the best sounding music systems fitted in a car ensure that you are offered the best in-car experience.

With the festive season just around the corner, this is the best time for you to buy your dream luxury vehicle as it gets that much easier to own one. This Diwali you can truly indulge yourself in luxury. The E-Class is known for the most opulent interiors there are. The rear-seat is where it truly shines with a 370 recline function. You also get a rear-seat touchscreen that allows you to control a range of functions from the back itself. The long wheelbase of the car gives you the best in class legroom and rear space by a long margin. To top it all, you get one of the best sounding audio systems in the industry. The Burmester surround sound with its 13 high-end speakers makes sure you are cut-off from the outside world and have a luxury experience that is second to none.

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When shifted to Sport + mode, the engine and the gearbox both transform the E-Class as if you have enraged a beast. The acceleration pushes you back into your seats and also brings back the twelve-year-old in you while the gearbox ensures that you are in the right gear at the right time to get the maximum out of the engine. Surely, the E-Class will convince you to send the chauffeur back home early so you can take the longer route home while enjoying the excellent driving dynamics offered by Mercedes.

One of the strongest features of the car is the Mercedes Me Connect App which is integrated onto the touchscreen infotainment system. This system allows you to control a range of functions of the E-Class from your smartphone itself via the App. The Me Connect system offers real-time car analytics, remote control of car features, real-time traffic updates. All of these features add to the luxury and tech that is offered on the E-Class. The car’s MBUX system communicates to the cloud and the customer’s Mercedes Me App. The system is also capable of performing over the air updates, to help continuously improve the car. This system ensures that even after a few years of owning the car, the infotainment system still feels fresh and up to date.

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From your smartphone itself, you will now be able to remotely start or stop your engine as well. This technology also includes Geo-fencing that allows you to set a perimeter for the car movement and receive notifications in case of vehicle movement beyond the set perimeter. This could be useful for tracking your car when given to someone else. It also ensures the safety of your family as you can track them. This technology adds to the long list of safety features that you already get in the E-Class which further strengthens the brand in becoming a pioneer for luxury.

This App also controls the windows and the sunroof which you can open from your phone should the need arise. The aforementioned can be useful on hot days, where you can let the warm air out even before you enter the car. Mercedes has given a lot of attention to detail which is why the App also features something called a Vehicle Finder. Often, in huge car parks, it is difficult to find your car, therefore, this system allows you to control the car’s horn and lights that will flash to make it easier. This system along with its features makes the E-Class, the segment leader in connected car tech.

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The E-Class also comes with a range of powerful engines that provide effortless performance in the city as well as the highways. The new 9-G Tronic transmission acts as the perfect companion for this excellent motor whether you demand a smooth urban ride or a quick dash on the highway.

The E-Class which is one of the pioneers when it comes to luxury sedans now also gets special ownership solutions. Mercedes is now offering the E-Class with an affordable EMI solution starting at a mere Rs 49,555. Along with this, you also get to upgrade to a new car in 3 years.

So what are you waiting for? With the Unlockdown starting, the festive season right around the corner and Mercedes making it easier to own the E-Class, there is no better time than right now to start this new year in style! 

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