MG Gloster launched, prices start at Rs 28.98 lakh

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The lockdown made me appreciate capable long distance multi terrain tourers - I've been wanting to head out there in the open and with that ideology lingering around in my head, the Gloster comes in as a perfect fix

Pricing details of MG’s latest offering, their flagship model for India, are just out. The MG Gloster starts at Rs 28.98 lakh for the Super turbo diesel variant, and goes upto Rs 35.38 lakh for the Savvy twin-turbo diesel variant.

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Loaded with technology, design and dimensions, the MG Gloster introduces many segment first features and boasts of 64 color ambient lighting, a 12.3 HD touchscreen hooked on to 12 crisp sounding speakers, an eight-inch instrument cluster, driver seat massage function, three zone climate control, panoramic sunroof and the iSMART suite system. Click here to read our in-depth review of the MG Gloster.

MG Gloster - Topgear Magazine India
It also packs in advanced driver assistance systems like the adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, front collision warning, blind spot monitoring system, autonomous emergency parking and the level-1 auto park assist for both parallel and vertical parking. We’ve demonstrated a few of these features in our comprehensive video review.

It’s just not a tech feast in here, the ladder-frame chasis is complimented by an on-deman four-wheel drive system and an electro-mechanically actuated rear differential with a BorgWarner Transfer Case.

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The Gloster is available in four feature-intensive variants in India, i.e. Super, Smart, Sharp and Savvy. The Sharp and new top trim Savvy will be available with Twin Turbocharged Diesel engine with four-wheel-drive (4WD). The Savvy trim represents the flagship technology leadership proposition with Autonomous Level 1 Features. The base trim Super will be available only in 7-seater combination, the Smart and Savvy trims would be available only with captain seats, The Sharp trim would be available in both 6 and 7-seater combinations.

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The MG Gloster comes all guns blazing and it set to challenge the very established Toyota Fortuner and the Ford Endeavor, both of which have an immense cult following of their own. The Gloster does have the upper hand of packing in an extensive features list but will have to establish it’s tough credibility in the course of time.

MG Gloster Car 2020 - Topgear Magazine OnlineWhat do you think of the Gloster’s pricing? Also, do you think the flagship MG will eat into the market share of its rivals? Let us know in the comments below.