Michelin partners with Enviro for tire recycling


Michelin is partnering with Enviro to develop and industrialize on a large scale an innovative pyrolysis technology to recycle tires at the end of their life. Each year, about 1 billion tires reach the end of their life, imposing a major issue for the tire industry and the customers. The two companies have come together to develop technologies that would recycle tires, giving birth to new quality raw materials.

The technology was first developed by Swedish start-up Enviro in 2001, where they were able to modify the chemical composition and physical phase of the pneumatic material during the pyrolysis process, while ensuring minimal energy consumption. This enabled production of products like recovered carbon black, pyrolysis oil, steel or gas products that can then be re-incorporated into the production circuit of different industrial sectors. The agreement signed between the two entities aims at further developing Enviro’s pyrolysis technology on a larger scale.

Michelin has also acquired a 20% stake in Enviro’s capital, making them the largest shareholder in the company. The two companies have signed a joining supply agreement and plan on setting up a factory to industrialize this technology.

Michelin says the acquisition and partnership is in line with the company’s “All Sustainable” vision, which commits towards tire recycling and sustainable mobility.