New Citroen C4, e-C4 hatchback revealed

New Citroen C4, e-C4 hatchback revealed
Citroen C4 (Image: Citroen)

French automaker Citroen has unveiled the new-generation C4 and e-C4 crossovers. As the name suggests, the e-C4 is an electric version of the SUV-styled hatchback. The new C4 comes with a raised stance on large-diameter wheels and comes with both diesel and petrol powertrains. Citroen officials state the new C4 and e-C4 are the 10th-generation of compact hatchbacks from the brand. Furthermore, the new C4 offer customers the comfort of choosing between three types of engines – 100 percent electric 100kW with a range of 350 kilometres, Euro 6d petrol engine from 99bhp to 153bhp or Diesel from 108bhp to 128bhp.

Citroen C4 - Electic SUV Car 2020 - Topgear Magazine
Citroen C4 (Image: Citroen)

The new C4 and e-C4 are a part of the compact hatchback segment and come with an elevated and assertive posture. The new LED V-shaped front and rear lighting signature look chic and contemporary. Its warm and high-tech interior instantly expresses well-being, comfort and modernity.

Citroen C4 - Electic Car 2020 - Topgear Magazine
Citroen e-C4 (Image: Citroen)

“With New C4 and New e-C4 – 100 percent Electric, Citroën is making a strong comeback in the C-Hatch segment, a major segment in Europe. Expressing all of Citroen’s DNA through its innovative posture and exceptional comfort, this new model offers customers a choice of 100 percent electric, petrol or Diesel powertrains to meet the needs of as many people as possible”. said Vincent Cobée, Citroen CEO.

Citroen C4 - Electic Car 2020 Interior - Topgear Magazine
Citroen C4 interiors (Image: Citroen)

The French certainly do have a flair of doing things, especially in the design department. The C5 Aircross is expected to be the first product from Citroen in India. That too is quite the looker. But, what do you make of the C4 hatchback? Do you think it deserves a place in our shores? Let us know in the comments below.