New Hyundai i20 exclusive features

Hyundai i20
Hyundai has finally revealed its latest and upcoming blockbuster. The all-new i20

With the launch of the fourth-gen i20, Hyundai has continued its trait of introducing features seen on high-end cars to their affordable vehicles. We take a look at some of the segment firsts offered in this premium hatchback.

Air purifier

Like it’s elder cousins, the new i20 features an air purifier which is the need of the hour.  The system filters the outer air and removes the particles to provide cleaner air for the passengers inside. This is especially useful for urban areas with jam-packed traffic. Sadly, it is not one that is integrated into the car and does take up one cup holder. A neat touch though is the ‘Oxyboost’ feature along with the AQI index readout.

New Hyundai i20 exclusive features - Air Purifier

Wireless charger

Our devices are our new best friends and keeping them juiced up with charge is the top priority. The addition of a wireless charger allows for less wire clutter and is quite useful in everyday driving. Hyundai has even gone to the extent of keeping a cooling pad to avoid heating your phones.

Hyundai i20 wireless charger - Car Update Online

Fully-digital instrument cluster

Until now, other cars in this segment have been offered with semi-digital instrument clusters but the i20 has a crisp and vibrant fully-digital instrument cluster, tachometer and speedometer. The MID screen in addition to the trip readout also showcases important driver information such as tire pressures, fuel range, outside temperature etc.

Hyundai i20 - Digital Meter

Bose Sound System

Great news for all the audiophiles out there, you now get a Bose system in the new Hyundai i20. This gives it a superior edge over its rivals, and will surely lure in customers who are looking for a good music system. The eight-speaker system helps you with an immersive sound experience in our never-ending traffic jams.

Hyundai i20 Bose Sound System - Car Blog s Online

10.2-inch infotainment screen with Blue Link

Our obsession with screen size is never-ending. Thankfully, the new i20 comes with the biggest touchscreen infotainment system in the segment measuring at 10.2 inches. The display is crisp and the interface is easy to use as well. Like on all new Hyundai cars, the i20 also come with the Blue Link technology that allows you to connect your smartphone to the car via an app. This gives you loads of information about the car on your smartphone and also lets you control some of the car’s features from your phone itself.

Hyundai i20 interior - Latest Car Update

The new i20 has stuck to the Hyundai ethos of delivering more than expected. Add to that the host of powertrain options, and one thing is for sure; if you are looking for a premium hatchback the i20 is definitely a very strong contender.