The new 2020 Land Rover Discovery Facelift has been finally revealed. Since its debut as the Series II Discovery, in 1998, Land Rover claims that the Discovery Series II had been modified with 720 ‘differences’. For the brand, the SUV embodies the spirit of family adventure that has characterized Land Rover’s premium family SUV for more than 30 years.

What’s special about the Facelift Discovery, is the inclusion of the latest generation of powerful and efficient six-cylinder Ingenium petrol and diesel engines, advanced Pivi Pro infotainment, and the assurance of being a versatile full seven-seat premium Land Rover SUV. But that’s not enough, the Facelift Discovery is equipped with Land Rover’s new Electrical Vehicle Architecture (EVA 2.0) underpinning a suite of advanced technologies, New Discovery delivers new levels of sophistication, desirability, and efficiency while retaining its customary breadth of on, and off-road capability and towing credentials.

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From its updated Terrain Response 2 system and Software-Over-The-Air (SOTA) updates to its new Cabin Air Filtration, the new Discovery looks after customers like never before.

How does it look?

After a quick glance through the new Discovery, we can say that the distinct character and optimized proportions of the SUV embrace more than three decades of design evolution. Discovery DNA design cues – including the clamshell bonnet, the stepped roof, and the highly visible C-pillar – remains, which gives an assurance like the old Land Rover SUVs, when off-roading.

The facelift model gets a new, revised front bumper, which features a wider body-colored graphic and new side vents. At the rear, New Discovery features new signature LED lights, which are joined across the back of the vehicle by a new Gloss Black panel. Following Land Rover’s reductive design philosophy, this panel incorporates the trademark Discovery script, providing a cleaner rear graphic. Apart from this, the new R-Dynamic model also gets Gloss Black and Shadow Atlas exterior accents on the outside and two-tone leather and contrast seat stitching on the inside.

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Is it feature-packed inside the cockpit?

Inside the cabin, the new Discovery benefits from enhancements like- the cutting edge Pivi Pro infotainment system. A completely redesigned centre console that houses a larger 11.4-inch, full HD touchscreen, with a simplified menu structure, the Pivi Pro provides immediate responses – even when starting the vehicle for the first time. Its built-in back-up battery means navigation initialization takes just seconds, while the logical menus allow the most commonly used functions to be accessed directly from the customizable home screen, to reduce driver distraction.

Connectivity is provided by dual-sim technology, with two LTE modems enabling the system to carry out multiple functions at the same time – such as streaming media and downloading Software-Over-The-Air (SOTA) updates – without compromising performance. Also, the Land Rover’s SOTA technology allows owners to update as many as 44 individual electronic modules, without the inconvenience of visiting a retailer.

But that’s not all, there is also another 12.3-inch Interactive Driver Display, that provides high-definition 3D mapping within the instrumentation, leaving the central touchscreen free to control other applications. The high-resolution digital instruments can be configured to show a pair of conventional dials, full-screen 3D navigation guidance, or a combination of the two, allowing drivers to customize the view to suit their preference.

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In addition, customers also get an optional full-color Head-Up Display, putting high-resolution driving information directly into the driver’s eyeline, removing the need to look away from the road ahead. Smartphone integration is also simple, thanks to Apple CarPlay, while the advanced Bluetooth technology can connect two smartphones simultaneously. Android Auto is also available as standard, as well as wireless charging with signal boosting technology.

Passenger comfort is also supported by a Cabin Air Ionisation feature, which is now available with a PM 2.5 air filtration technology. It actively scans incoming air, measuring its quality, and automatically uses advanced filters to reduce the level of allergens, toxins, and harmful particulates in the cabin, enhancing driver wellbeing.

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What about practicality?

Inside, the new Discovery is Intelligent Seat Fold technology, which allows customers to effortlessly configure the seating layout using the central touchscreen, while Remote app technology lets customers keep tabs on the fuel status and location of their vehicle and even unlock and lock the doors.

The carmaker also claims that the second-row seats have been carefully redesigned for enhanced comfort, with improved lateral support, longer thicker cushions, and seat profiling with a focus on under-thigh support and improved posture for occupants. As per the carmaker, the new Discovery will be available in S, SE, and HSE trim levels, in sporty R-Dynamic guise or as a practical commercial model.

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What about power?

New Discovery introduces a trio of new straight-six Ingenium engines, both petrol, and diesel, featuring 48V Mild Hybrid Electric Vehicle (MHEV) technology for enhanced efficiency, performance, and smoothness. The new engines are available alongside Land Rover’s four-cylinder P300 Ingenium petrol powertrain and with a new Intelligent All-Wheel Drive system.

Interestingly, the straight-six engine family was designed and developed in-house, while the advanced diesel engine is available in two states of tune, namely- 249bhp (183kW) and 300bhp (221kW) outputs, while the powerful petrol delivers 360bhp (265kW). Other engine and powertrain options include:

  • P300: 300 PS (221kW), 2.0 l four-cylinder MHEV petrol, 400 Nm of torque at 1 500-4 500rpm
  • P360: 360 PS (265kW), 3.0 l six-cylinder MHEV petrol, 500 Nm of torque at 1 750-5 000 rpm
  • D250: 249 PS (183kW), 3.0 l six-cylinder MHEV diesel, 570 Nm of torque at 1 250-2 250rpm
  • D300: 300 PS (221kW), 3.0 l six-cylinder MHEV diesel, 650 Nm of torque at 1 500-2 500rpm

Land Rover Discovery facelift - Car update Online

On the other hand, the Intelligent 48V MHEV technology ensures the new engines meet the most stringent global emissions regulations and deliver improved responses. The clever system harvests and stores energy generated during deceleration, and redeploys it to assist the engine when accelerating, providing six-cylinder performance and four-cylinder efficiency. The set-up also delivers a more refined operation of the Stop/Start system.

What about off-roading?

New Discovery is the ultimate family-friendly SUV for the road, but don’t let that deceive you. It’s a very capable off-roader, with advanced driveline which, optimizes the torque split between front and rear axles, using a range of sensors to distribute torque to suit the conditions. The new Intelligent All-Wheel Drive system maximizes traction, on-road dynamics, and driveline efficiency, resulting in improved fuel economy and reduced CO2 emissions in normal driving, with no compromise to Land Rover Discovery’s trademark all-terrain capability.

New Discovery also benefits from ClearSight Ground View technology, providing drivers with a view of the obscured ground directly beneath the front of the vehicle using the central touchscreen and a combination of forward-facing cameras. The clever feature is the realization of Land Rover’s futuristic transparent bonnet concept and supports the driver when negotiating steep off-road inclines or hidden urban obstacles.