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End of an Era: Porsche's 718 Bows Out, Electric Future Beckons

Have you been feeling down lately? Perhaps the weather is to blame, or perhaps Porsche's cherished 718 is coming to an end of an era. Yes, in 2025 the iconic internal combustion 718 will go out of service. It's time to head to the bank and start cashing all those FDs!

A German newspaper claims that Porsche would stop producing its 718 variants by the middle of 2025. Porsche's production manager Albrecht Reimold acknowledged this isn't because of low sales in an interview with Automobilwoche. Porsche is instead creating space for its exciting new lineup.

It is rumoured that the electric successors of the 718 will retain the iconic design and be available in hardtop and convertible versions. Reimold guarantees that the thrill of driving will not fade, having driven the all-electric substitute already.

As Porsche enthusiasts we are heartbroken by this news, but there is a bright side: compared to our European friends, we have more time to say goodbye. The EU has already eliminated the petrol-powered Macan SUV and the combustion 718 due to new cybersecurity laws. The end of these models has been accelerated by Porsche's forward-thinking approach and limited component availability.

Although the electric 718's specifications are yet unknown, one thing is for sure: it has enormous shoes to fill. We're excitedly awaiting its arrival somewhere around the middle of 2025. We'll be relishing every second spent behind the wheel of the current 982 generation cars up until then.

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