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Is McLaren Replacing The 720S With A New 750S? | Speculations & Scoops!

Not long back, we hosted a funeral for the beloved McLaren 720S, and as much as we hated to see her go, we were all quite excited about what McLaren would bring to the table next.

We now know that the replacement for the 720S is likely to be called the 750S. Luckily for us, the lovely blokes over at McLaren are generous. The 750S will likely continue with the same powertrain as the previous 720S but with minor enhancements. And by enhancements, I do not mean that there is a hybrid system incoming, no sir! The new 750S is said to have the same 4.0L V8 but with 30 more buff horses, increasing the power output from 710Hp of the 720S to 740Hp for the 750S.

The 750S will definitely be an improvement over the 720S but my guesses are that it will still be less brutish than the senior 765LT. Of course, the 750S will look different from the outgoing 720S but speculations are that it might borrow some design cues from its predecessor. But in terms of interiors, it is said to take inspiration from the newer McLaren Artura.

Even before this new revelation of the name, it was known that deposits were piling up at McLaren for the new car. And we now know that the 750S is sold out “through deep 2024.”

Unlike previous McLarens, the 750S is speculated to make its initial debut in both coupe & spider body styles. An official reveal is said to be coming this month and production is believed to begin in September.

Official confirmation about all these details is still pending.

Words: Sresht Garg

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