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Formula 1 Feeling For Two With The Mercedes-AMG PureSpeed Concept

Gearheads, buckle up for a revolution in open-air motoring. Mercedes-AMG has unveiled the PureSpeed concept, a radical design that marks the dawn of their ultra-exclusive Mythos series. This audacious two-seater shatters conventional notions of a roof, offering an unparalleled Formula 1-inspired experience that will leave you breathless.

What Is It? 

Unveiled in Monaco during the Formula 1™ Grand Prix, the PureSpeed is a love letter to racing heritage, but with a thrilling twist. Ditching the roof, windshield, and side windows entirely, the PureSpeed throws open the cabin to the elements. In their place? A Formula 1™ style HALO system and two custom-designed helmets that transform occupants into practically part of the machinery. The panoramic view and the raw connection to the environment redefine the meaning of an open-air driving experience.

But the PureSpeed isn't merely a flamboyant showstopper. Borrowing design cues from the Mercedes-AMG ONE hypercar, the PureSpeed boasts a low-slung silhouette and a striking use of carbon fiber that creates a captivating contrast between sharp angles and flowing curves. The wheels are a marvel of engineering, with closed rear covers for enhanced aerodynamics and open fronts to channel cool air for optimal brake performance. The aggressive front design, featuring a prominent "shark nose" and a wide lower air intake, is pure AMG muscle, promising untamed power.

Design inspired by the Mercedes-AMG ONE hypercar

The Mercedes‑AMG PureSpeed concept is a true performance car with an extremely low silhouette. Many design features were inspired by the Mercedes‑AMG ONE hypercar – technical, sharply cut visible carbon fibre parts in the lower section of the vehicle provide a strong contrast to the sensual, rounded shapes of the upper part of the vehicle.

The design of the wheels is characterised by the unique carbon fibre cladding on the front and rear wheel covers. The rear wheel covers are completely closed to improve aerodynamics. The front wheel covers are open to optimise airflow at the front end for brake cooling and downforce. he front design is similar to the Mercedes‑AMG ONE with a wide lower air intake with AMG lettering and a dark, chrome-plated Mercedes star on the soft nose. Added to this is the aerodynamically optimised, sportive bonnet with an additional air outlet. Small, transparent deflectors at the front and sides direct the wind over the cockpit.


Is there any significance? 

For those with a keen eye for racing history, the PureSpeed throws in subtle nods to the legendary machines of yesteryear. The flying buttresses behind the seats pay homage to iconic racers like the 300 SLR, while the paintwork, a gradient from Le Mans red to graphite grey with a black AMG pattern, is a contemporary take on the color scheme of the victorious 1924 Targa Florio racer. It's a celebration of Mercedes-Benz's rich racing heritage, seamlessly woven into a thoroughly modern design.

Limited to just 250 units, the PureSpeed is a dream machine for dedicated collectors and true Mercedes aficionados. With its uncompromising racing spirit, innovative materials, and breathtaking design, the PureSpeed pushes the boundaries of automotive exclusivity. It's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own a piece of Mercedes-AMG history, a machine that embodies the very essence of performance and driving passion. 

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