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Exclusive Collectible: 1:3 Scale Radio-Controlled Ferrari F2002

If you have between ₹1.5 crore and ₹2 crore to spare and are looking for a unique addition to your collection, consider a 1:3 scale, radio-controlled version of Michael Schumacher’s double championship-winning F2002 racer.

This creation, conceived by Swiss businessman Stephane Andrist, took over 1,000 man hours and three years to build. It is now set to go up for sale at Graham Budd Auctions' F1 memorabilia sale, where it promises to attract significant interest.

Despite its miniature size, this F2002 replica does not feature a scaled-down version of the V10 engine that powered Schumacher to 11 victories. Instead, it is equipped with a pair of 53.5cc 'F320' four-cylinder engines from Pegasus, allowing it to reach a top speed of 80 kmph.

Further enhancing its appeal, the model gets double wishbone suspension, mechanical shock absorbers, and vented brake discs, all concealed beneath a set of go-kart tires. Weighing 32 kg, this radio-controlled car is a one-of-a-kind model offers an opportunity to own a piece of racing history for Formula 1 fans.

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