Car subscription isn’t a first in India, and with prices for new cars on an all-time high, it makes sense to look into other avenues of car ownership. Subscribing to a car is something that allows you to own a car without burning a hole in your wallet or without the stress and piles of paperwork involved with banks and their loans.
Nissan India has now made owning a Nissan/Datsun product a lot easier than thanks to a subscription plan. Called the “Nissan Intelligent Ownership Subscription Plan” the subscription services are in partnership with ORIX and has advantages like zero down payment, zero service costs, zero insurance costs, it covers vehicle insurance, registration fee, road tax, RTO expenses and all maintenance costs including scheduled & unscheduled repairs, tire & battery replacement, 24×7 roadside assistance, cost of paperwork.

However, the subscription will commence in only three cities in phase 1 with Delhi NCR, Hyderabad, and Chennai, but Mumbai, Bangalore, and Pune are on the cards as well. Customers will have to pay a nominal amount as a deposit and monthly payment for the model they wish to opt for. You can choose between the Magnite, Kicks and Datsun Redi-GO. The rates are as follows:

Model Monthly Subscription
Plan (INR)
(Ex-showroom – INR)
Magnite MT XV 17,999 715,000
Magnite MT XV PREMIUM 19,999 784,000
Magnite TURBO MT XV 20,999 825,000
Magnite TURBO MT XV PREMIUM 23,299 905,000
Magnite TURBO CVT XV 23,449 915,000
Magnite TURBO CVT XV PREMIUM 25,299 990,000
Kicks XV 1.5 23,999 999,990
Kicks XV 1.3 TURBO 25,999 1,209,990
Kicks XV Premium 1.3 TURBO 26,999 1,299,990
Kicks XV 1.3 TURBO CVT 29,999 1,394,990
Kicks XV Premium (O) Dual tone 1.3 TURBO 30,499 1,419,990
Redi-GO A 8,999 400800
Redi-GO T (O) 0.8L 9,999 456600
Redi-GO T (O) 1.0L 10,499 477500
Redi-GO T (O) 1.0L AMT 10,999 498600

Mr.Rakesh Srivastava, Managing Director, Nissan Motor India who said, “Nissan as a customer-centric brand understands the dynamic lifestyles of the new age Indian customers, who seek the flexibility to maneuver amongst various ownership experiences. We have partnered with ORIX, a prominent brand in the subscription space to create the most affordable, convenient, and enjoyable car ownership experience, the new way to own the all-new Nissan Magnite, Nissan Kicks and Datsun Redi-GO through the Subscription Plan.”
Nissan will also be launching ‘Shop@Home’ which is a digital platform for car buying. This will allow customers to buy any Nissan product in a contactless manner. There is a lot that you can do virtually here from customising to even a virtual test drive and even evaluating the value of your current car for exchange.
Moves like these show the shift in the car buying experience and the rapid shift and reliance on technology. However, in times like these, such moves only come as a helping.