6:43.300 minutes is the time an average human takes to do any chore such as have a meal or maybe even read this article. But in 6:43:300 minutes, a Porsche 911 GT2 RS fitted with the Manthey Performance Kit just set a new lap record of the Nürburgring Nordschleife. Let me just clarify again, this 911 GT2 RS completed a 20.8-kilometre lap of the Green Hell in the same time it takes me to decide what I want to watch on Netflix.

Porsche 911 GT2 RS - Topgear Mag
The Porsche 911 GT2 RS out on the track.

Also, the Porsche used to beat this record was no standard 911 GT2 RS (not a slow car, to begin with). Still, both the Porsche’s engineers in Weissach and Manthey’s Nordschleife specialists in Meuspath fettled with the Porsche to achieve this goal of the lap record. The Manthey performance kit fitted to this 911 GT2 RS consists of an aerodynamic upgrade which includes flaps on the front spoiler, carbon fibre slats around the front wheels and a redesigned rear spoiler (not that you could miss it!). It also features the 20/21-inch light magnesium alloy wheels and “aerodiscs” for the rear wheels.

911 GT2 RS Aerodisc
The ‘aerodisc’ on the rear tyres.

Further tweaks are made to the front shock absorbers that can be adjusted to three different settings, and there are four settings on those at the rear. Special racing brake pads for the PCCB ceramic brake system reduce fade, aid responsiveness, and control precision braking. The use of steel-encased brake lines further ensures a more direct brake pedal feedback on the 911 GT2 RS.

911 GT2 Lap record
Porsche development driver Lars Kern posing with his achievement.

The previous record of the fastest street-legal car around the Nürburgring was held by the Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series, which covered the 20.8-kilometre lap in 6:48.047 minutes. In comparison, the 911 GT2 RS lapped the GT Black Series quicker by 4.747 seconds. At the helm of the record-breaking Porsche was Porsche development driver Lars Kern who previously set the fastest SUV lap time in the Porsche Cayenne Coupe.

If you are motivated to achieve this feat by yourself, the Manthey Performance Kit by Porsche Tequipment is sold by Porsche dealerships. Although there isn’t a price tag attached to the kit, I can presume that it would have to be a ridiculous number looking at the improvements it adds to the 911 GT2 RS.

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