Monsoon is on its way out and we had to get ourselves dirty and go offroading and that we did with the two most capable yet premium SUVs for the job – Jeep Wrangler Rubicon and Land Rover Defender. The feeling when you cross obstacles, water wading and glide over those impossible terrains is surreal and sometimes chest-thumping. We also invited F4 Racer Mira Erda to join us for the offroading adventure and leave her comfort on the tarmac.

It’s not easy for a racer to be strapped behind a Wrangler and throw her into the wilderness and not knowing what lies ahead; on one side, her heart will be itching to accelerate, and her mind will have to follow the spotter and her judgment skills. Offroading is a team sport, and your faith in the spotter and his hand gestures can either get you through or stuck between those boulders.

Recently manufacturers have been trying to disrupt the Mid-Range SUV segment where Creta was the almighty king. First, Hyundai invited its sibling Kia Seltos which also tasted huge success, then Skoda Kushaq invited itself to the party, and finally, another sibling  Volkswagen Taigun descended on the ring. I can’t think of a sibling rivalry spectacle better than this, and ultimately, the winner of this ring is the consumers. Taigun has a big responsibility to tilt scales favouring Volkswagen in India and get the scoreboard to accelerate.

They have ensured that every piece of this story is crafted to perfection. The proposition is also clear: if you want a sportier car with a premium badge value, you will surely stop by the VW showroom even though it’s smaller in size and stance than the Creta, but it’s long wheelbase with enough legroom makes it a great package. Surprises wait for us in September when the prices of Taigun are revealed, and that’s when the match begins.

I cannot complete this note without mentioning the formidable Hayabusa and how, for the last 22 years, it still looks almost the same and yet it remains iconic to sell out all the 101 units with a sticker price of `16.5 lakhs+ in no time. It was a marvel back in 1999, and it’s still as mystical now. If I have to pick a car that will sell out in minutes with its old design architecture and new-gen tech, it must be the Maruti Gypsy. All Agreed?