After setting sales charts on fire (absolutely love playing with this pun when Ola is involved!), Ola Electric is now looking forward to spawning its wings even more by stepping into the electric car industry. Ola’s Bossman Bhavish Aggarwal has never shied away from accepting that Ola is indeed working on an electric car but the more concrete news has surfaced now as the company recently teased three electric cars at a customer event in Ola’s futurefactory. The teaser videos hint that not just one, but Ola might unleash as many as three electric four-wheelers on our roads.

The first car is likely to carry a low-slung profile with the sides displaying coupe-ish design philosophy. Another car that has made a cameo in the teaser appears to carry a stubbier front end, hinting that might be a hatchback based on the same platform. The third car appears to flaunt an upright rear end and could turn out to be a compact SUV. There are some elements that share similarities between all the teased cars. Be it the illuminated LED bar up front, illuminated OLA logo or connected tail lamps, all the teased cars will have a minimalistic yet futuristic design philosophy.

While Ola is yet to hand out an official word regarding the expected specs or the battery capacity, some reports claim that it could get a battery pack with a capacity hovering in the 70-80kWh range. The Ola S1 Pro might have been riddled with issues but its true range still stands unmatched. Expecting the same wouldn’t be wrong when it comes to these upcoming electric cars proudly displaying their Ola badge. They also might benefit from the autonomous tech that Ola is claimed to be testing.

We just hope that thorough R&D leads these electric cars to a different fate than what was met by the electric scooters. These electric cars could prove to be spot-free, fresh linens for the company as they are scheduled to hit the streets by the end of 2023.