After the recently launched Vantage F1 Edition comes another jaw-breaker from Aston Martin. The upcoming Valkyrie AMR Pro is the most hardcore and focused supercar bearing the Aston Martin badge. Based on the already ludicrous Valkyrie, the AMR Pro uses a version of the chassis, which is 380mm longer in wheelbase and has a 96mm wider track at the front with a 115mm at the rear. It also has an aero pack that extends the length by 266mm and plenty of underbody wizardry to keep it glued to the tarmac. This obsession with aero is largely to do with the fact that Aston Martin has employed services of RBAT (Red Bull Advanced Technologies) which are pretty much the same guys that helped Max Verstappen climb the top step at the Styrian GP on Sunday.

Aston Martin ValkyriePowering this track weapon is the same Cosworth V12 seen on the Valkyrie. Its light, as far as V12s go, and is naturally aspirated too. So, when it revs to 11,000rpm and is putting all of the 1000bhp to use, you will want to stick your ears in the exhaust. A good amount of weight-saving has been done with ultra-lightweight carbon fibre bodywork, carbon suspension wishbones, and Perspex windscreen and side windows. The AMR Pro also sherd away the battery-electric hybrid system but still manages to achieve F1 performance levels.

Aston Martin AMR ProTo put all this into perspective, the AMR Pro aims to lap the 24h of Le Mans circuit in 3min 20secs, putting it in the same league as the top tier LMP1 cars.
Aston Martin Chief Executive Officer, Tobias Moers said: “The entire Aston Martin Valkyrie programme has been an extraordinary adventure in engineering. As an expression of the passion and expertise that can be found within Aston Martin and its closest technical partners, Valkyrie AMR Pro is a project beyond compare, a true ‘no rules’ track-only version. The Valkyrie AMR Pro is testament to Aston Martin’s commitment to pure performance and this performance DNA will be evident in our future product portfolio. Nothing else looks like it, nothing else sounds like it, and I am absolutely certain nothing else will drive like it!”

Aston Martin Valkyrie AMR ProHowever, if you choose to own one, bear in mind that it will never make it to your garage. Aston Martin will look after it themselves, and you will be able to drive on select race tracks around the world. That said, you are assured of having a whole experience similar to a racing driver thanks to the track and pit lane access, support from the Aston Martin Valkyrie Instructor team, as well as FIA exclusive racewear, and a VIP hosted dinner. There will also be a selection of Art of Living experiences, driving some of the most challenging and dynamic roads across the UK, US, Europe, and beyond.

Aston Martin Valkyrie LMP1 AMR ProPhysical testing of the AMR Pro is set to begin soon, but customers will have to hurry as there will only be 40 production models on sale along with two prototypes.