Our June 2020 issue is here to turbocharge your month!

Porsche 911 Turbo S (Image: Jamie Lipman/TopGear)

Our June 2020 issue is out! Like always, we’ve got a lot to the table. But before you check out the main course, how about a little appetizer first? Go on!

June 2020 issue is out!

Unlock mode and all that jazz!

With the nation slowly beginning to unlock itself and the Indian automobile industry recommencing operations, our June issue is now out, available in digital format, free of cost! Like the previous issues, we’ve handpicked some of the most interesting automotive stories for you, yet again. Here’s a little dekko at what’s in store for you in our June 2020 issue:

Porsche 911 Turbo S

Our cover story this month is on the most powerful and most exciting 911 Turbo from the German sportscar maker. In its latest avatar, the car continues to use Porsche’s signature flat-six engine, albeit in its highest state of tune yet. Our colleagues at TopGear UK had flown halfway across the world to California in the USA (just before the lockdown and travel restrictions in the USA, of course) to bring you this scintillating review of what is one of the most iconic sports cars on the planet.

Turbo 101

Turbocharging is the flavour of the month, as you would have guessed going by our cover and cover story this month. So allow us to help you deep-dive into the magic of turbocharging. And while we’re at it, we’re also listing down every turbocharged petrol engine powered car in India for you!

When turbos ruled the world…

Turbocharging has had its share of the limelight in the world of motorsport, right from rallying to F1. We get all nostalgic about how exciting the technology made motorsport back in the day…

Watch your speed

Watches and automobiles are more closely related to each other than you might have imagined. Take a look at some of the most exquisite watches from automotive brands.

Cars and bikes of 2020

The lockdown has meant lots of launch plans have been disrupted. We’ve compiled a list of all cars and two-wheelers that will still get launched this year, despite the pandemic.

Formula Xtreme

Should electric motorsport be limited to Formula car racing? Or does it have an outdoorsy future as well? The question has been answered.

100 years of Citroen

The iconic French carmaker is now 100 years old. Let’s a look at the legacy it has been over the past century.

Sir Stirling Moss

Paying our respects to one of the world’s greatest racers there has ever been.

Quattro at 40

Audi’s revolutionary technology turned forty, so we drove the original Quattro, once again!


Amongst other news from the automotive world, the buzz is about the new breed of supercars that will be powered by – wait for it – V6 engines. Will they really give us the adrenaline rush? On another note, the latest generation 911 Targa has broken cover and it looks gorgeous!