Piaggio, as a brand at least, has been around for a long, long time. If you’re looking for an exact figure – it’s 1887. But, they didn’t make scooters back then, that happened much later, after World War II. In India, both the Aprilia and Vespa marques fall under the Piaggio Group, and they even have a commercial business that sells the legendary three-wheeler Ape in India, in its many iterations.

But, that’s not the reason for this piece of news. You see, there’s a new electric scooter that’s just been unveiled; it’s called the Piaggio One. The brand says it marks the arrival new generation of e-scooters and made its world debut on a digital platform – Tik Tok. A new generation, indeed. Also, this is just a teaser, the official unveil will happen on May 28, at the Beijing Motor Show.

(Image: Piaggio)

The target audience here is clearly the youth. Piaggio describes the One as light, easy to ride, essential yet smart and promises that it will deliver on quality, reliability and a robust chassis. It’ll get other goodies like a digital colour instrument panel with a sensor to adapt the background and luminosity to ambient conditions, full-LED lights, a keyless start system and two motor maps.

Moreover, it must be said that the Piaggio One does look quite chic. It retains the charm of an old-school scooter with just enough elements to make it look contemporary. Especially with that dash of yellow and edgy design language, overall. Other practical additions include a low seat, comfortable riding position, flat footplate and a ‘capacious compartment below the seat’.

(Image: Piaggio)

Interestingly, Piaggio has also confirmed there will be several versions of the One, each with different forms – motorcycles, mopeds and of course, scooters. It’ll also get swappable lithium-ion batteries, which means it could fall under the consortium between Honda, Yamaha and Piaggio. But, that’s just an assumption right now. However, this isn’t the first electric scooter Piaggo have showcased, that honour belongs to the Vespa Elettrica.