If understatement is your thing, this Porsche 911 GT3 Touring is king! Porsche has introduces the touring package with the seventh-generation GT car, with the same sort of equipment that was very popular with amongst buyers. And immediately you can tell, the omission of that massive wing gives it a much cleaner, subtle look.


But that dosen’t mean the aerodynamics aren’t as tricky. Porsche promises the same high-speed downforce as a fixed-wing car thanks to an electronically extended spoiler. Aesthetically, the touring-spec 911 GT3 comes with silver-coloured strips on the side windows and a front end that is painted completely in the exterior colour. A rear lid grille with the logo “GT3 touring” in unique design is located over the high-revving engine. The interiors sport an all-black treatment with a special surface embossing on the dashboard and the upper side sections of the door trim panels.


This driving charmer underpins a race-car derived chassis that houses a naturally aspirated flat-six. The 4.0-litre engine puts out the same power as the standard GT3; 503bhp and 469Nm of torque. While a seven-speed dual-clutch comes standard, Porsche is offering a six-speed manual as a no-cost option too! Sure it misses that huge wing from the GT3 but the rest of the car remains hugely identical in terms of the kit on offer. There’s no word on whether the standard GT3’s 3.4secs 0-100kmph time and 320kmph top speed change at all.


Porsche also offers almost all the optional equipment for the 911 GT3 in combination with the Touring package. This includes all exterior and wheel colours, LED headlights with Porsche Dynamic Light System and Porsche Dynamic Light System Plus, various assist systems, the ceramic brake PCCB, the lift system on the front axle, all seat variants, the Chrono package and the audio systems.


The name “Touring package” goes back to an equipment variant of the 911 Carrera RS from model year 1973. Already then, the focus was on purist 911 design and elements of a classic interior. Porsche revived the idea again in 2017, and for the first time again offered a Touring package for the previous generation of the 911 GT3, the Type 991. Since then, this variant has appealed above all to lovers of top-class sports cars with a pronounced passion for understatement and classic driving pleasure.