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2024 Bajaj Chetak | A Slow Yet Steady Evolution | First Ride Review

Bajaj Chetak - Modern evolution of a classic brand name


Improved range and features


Limited top speed


It all started in 1972 when Bajaj introduced a name to the world, Chetak. Like the activating splendours of India, the Chetak was a name associated with trust. Remember the advertisement, humara Bajaj? The Chetak had a good run till it was discontinued in 2006. Bajaj revived the Chetak in an electric avatar in 2019. 5 years later, the Bajaj Chetak is slowly but steadily evolving. We rode the 2024 Bajaj Chetak in the city of two-wheelers, Pune. Here is what we feel has improved to match the competition of this era.

TecPac - Optional on paper, mandatory in reality

Bajaj is offering something unique this time for both the Urbane and Premium versions of the Chetak. They call it the TecPac. On its own, the Urbane version gets a top speed of 63km/h, only an eco mode and call management. Add the TecPac worth INR 8000 on the Urbane and the Chetak’s top-end changes to 73km/h like the Premium version, add two more modes, Sports and Reverse, automated hill hold assist based on gyroscope and music changes with volume controls.

Add the TecPac worth INR 9000 to the Premium version of the Chetak, and apart from the features mentioned above, it adds smartphone notifications, display themes on the 5-inch TFT colour display and turn-by-turn navigation with trip data and geofencing. It’s surprising that without the TecPac, the Premium variant also sticks to only Eco mode, albeit with a Reverse mode as standard.

Verdict - A viable option in 2024

The Bajaj Chetak has evolved in the last 5 years and brings some of the most impressive BMS on an e-scooter to date. It has become zippier, if not sportier and adds immense value with the TecPac on both its Urbane and Premium variants. The evolution took its sweet time, but with time, the Chetak has matured to be a viable e-scooter option, worth considering in 2024.

Rating:  4 out of 5

TopGear Magazine July 2024