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TVS Apache RTR 310 | The New Quarter Liter King | First Ride Review

TVS has been trying to crack the quarter-litre segment for a while now, and they finally have the right ingredients to shake things up in that segment.


Eager performance, good build, dashing looks


Electronic overload


How does the RTR 310 Perform?

Eager. That’s one word I’d associate the RTR 310 with. Right off the bat, this motorcycle is eager to jump off the line and hits peak power from 5000 rpm. It seems like a motorcycle would be happier on one wheel than on two. The motor is always in the mood to run free, and this sort of spirited nature can be a bit tedious to deal with in bumper-to-bumper traffic. You always have to showcase a certain deal of constraint with this motor, which can be annoying for beginner riders. However, the RTR 310 is a hoot in a pair of controlled hands! It effortlessly zips through traffic, and the quickshifter works flawlessly. I had no problems with it, and this is by far the best system I’ve tried in this segment. 

The Michelin Road 5s do a fantastic job of providing grip, and these are a set of tires I can swear by and have put tons of miles on myself. TVS accessory list will lead you to believe this can also be your touring companion, but the most significant change I’d recommend any owner to do is swap the sprockets. The RR 310 has 46 teeth in its sprocket, while the RTR 310 has only 42. This causes the motor to rev up relatively soon and, on the highway, would restrict you from being able to cruise comfortably. Additionally, the motor vibrates a lot more, and TVS claims that they’ve done this intentionally so that the bike delivers a more communicative riding experience. 

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