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What's New with Pulsar Ns400Z: Specifications, Looks, and Price

Different ingredients, one tasty outcome


The riding dynamics of the vehicle


It doesn't look that different from an NS200


It is good not to read too much sometimes. Yes, too much reading can be injurious to healthy guys. I say that because I felt that on the Pulsar NS 400 Z First Ride Experience. As I read into the corners of the internet, most of the chatter was around how uninterested the people are about the new Pulsar. It mostly stemmed from the fact that there was nothing bespoke on the new motorcycle. 

The engine had been robbed from the Dominar, which meant a 373cc engine that was not new at all. The looks, which were leaked thanks to a certain website, showcased to us that it didn’t look much different from the NS 200 that is currently out there. And, the fact that Bajaj had not put anything brilliant over the last decade meant that people were not that excited. 

But this is where I learned not to judge a book by not riding it first. I mean, in short, this motorcycle has enough capabilities to shut off any critic through sheer speed and amazing handling capabilities. And when you price it right, like INR 1.85 Lakh right, boy oh boy…. This is just begging to be bought. 

So in the end, the Pulsar NS 400 Z is an absolute game-changer. Yes, there are flaws in the vehicle, like a certain overheating problem in the engine that may send the vehicle into Limp Mode. But other than that, all of the flaws of the motorcycle are liveable. Yes, the instrument cluster has two faces, the vibrations are a little disturbing, and the looks are nothing special, but guys, this is a beautiful motorcycle from the perspective of the dynamics alone. I am just beyond thrilled to receive such a product from Bajaj after so many long years. Final verdict, better than a Hero Mavrick and definitely the best motorcycle under two lakh. 

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