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2022 Audi Q7 | Hall Of Famer | First Drive Review

Hall Of Famer


Space & practicality, comfort, engine performance


Fuel efficiency, braking feel, steering feedback and handling


The Q7 simply glides over most uneven road surfaces with little to no loss to its composure; I suppose that's all thanks to the air suspension it's equipped with as standard. The Q7 simply wafts down the road, and it's only around corners that you really lose composure. Truth be told, this SUV is no canyon carver and won't feel as spirited to drive around corners and doesn't dart into them with any urgency. The Q7 prefers to go around turns calmly while the engine and gearbox are all set to launch you as you approach a straight. Again it's something I highly doubt most buyers will complain about while being chaffered in the back of their five-metre long SUV.

Though the new lane departure warning system with its steering assist aims to help, I found it quite annoying and intrusive. Anyone familiar with our Indian roads can simply never follow a lane without subtle deviations to avoid obstacles. For the most part, this system always manages to cut in and steer you back in your lane; going around a corner on marked roads becomes quite a tedious affair. Imagine having to randomly wrestle your steering around a turn as it tries to counter your steering input. It isn't a very inspiring feeling, and I wish putting this feature off was an easy thing to do, but I, for one, couldn't find the option to do so. 

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