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2022 Audi Q7 | Hall Of Famer | First Drive Review

Hall Of Famer


Space & practicality, comfort, engine performance


Fuel efficiency, braking feel, steering feedback and handling


Step inside the Q7, and you're welcomed by what Audi likes to call Cricket leather interior with oak grey inserts. Ingress and egress are pretty easy, and there's even a footboard to aid your step into this cabin. The overall fit and finish are top-notch in typical Audi fashion, and the seats are soft and comfortable. I wish Audi provided the Q7 with cooled seats or the massage function that we see in some rivals, such as the Volvo XC90. Alas, their absence is felt as you soak into these seats over longer journeys. The audiophile in me was pleased to see the new Bang & Olufsen sound system and was blown away by its performance. It's definitely worth an experience and has a knack for making most good music sound great. Another new feature is the new 10.1" display for the infotainment and an 8.6" display for the air-con controls. 

Though this setup looks fantastic, I found it somewhat distracting to use while driving and would have preferred buttons for such a task instead of taking my eyes off the road to adjust the blower speed. Keeping with the times, Audi has given the Q7 an air ionizer and aromatization system that keeps the cabin feeling pure each time you head out for a drive. The back seat experience is comfortable in the Q7, with generous amounts of headroom and knee room on offer. Space wouldn't be something you'd ever complain about unless you were in the third row of the Q7, which is best reserved for small children.

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