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2022 Toyota Innova HyCross | Crown Prince | First Drive Review

The Innova Crysta has always dominated the MPV segment, can the Innova HyCross do the same damage?


Features, Comfort, Refinement


Camera Quality, No Diesel option

Specs & Prices

This will be one of those rare occasions where I wonder if you are actually waiting for my verdict? Because no matter what I say about the Innova HyCross, you folks will go and buy it anyway. To be frank, I couldn't find any major faults with the HyCross apart from small things such as the camera quality, lack of space under the front seat to keep your legs and the biggest being no diesel motor. 

The Innova has always been a good car and with the HyCross, Toyota has only upped the ante. Now, Toyota has yet to announce the pricing for the HyCross, but they claim it will be under the Rs 35 lakh mark. And suppose Toyota does succeed in doing so. In that case, the Hycross will commence one of the fiercest battles in the 6-7 seater segment, and I cannot wait to see how the competitors react to this battle. So all that remains is to see what the price of the HyCross is, which Toyota says will be launching soon.



Engine – 2.0-litre Strong Hybrid

Power – 184bhp (combined)

Torque – 206Nm (combined)

Gearbox – e-CVT

0 to 100km/h – 9.5 seconds (claimed)


Price – Rs 30 to 35 lakh (expected)

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