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2024 Maruti Suzuki Swift | First Drive Review

This is a car you can buy if you don’t want a compact SUV


Suspension, frugal engine, interiors


Music system, infotainment UI


I hate numbers, but here it goes… The new Swift has claimed fuel efficiency of 24.8 kmpl for the MT variants and 25.75 kmpl for AMT. The new engine called the Z Series, puts out 82 hp of power and 112 Nm of torque. With these things out of the way, let me tell you what these stupid numbers feel like. 

Yes, there is a drop in power. 7 bhp and 1 Nm of torque. Let me not take that away. This Swift is heavier than the previous generation as well. But its nimbleness is adjusted by its superior suspension and the false feeling that it creates. What I mean is that when you want to go fast in this car, you really have to work the gears. And that creates some really nice tones from the engine. All that theater makes you feel like you are going faster than you really are. It also revs happily till 6000 rpm and the gear shifts are oh so smooth. I only had the chance to drive the manual one so my review will stick to that. You may think that the three-cylinder engine will be noisy, but MS had thought of this. 

This three-cylinder doesn't give back or rather any vibrations when you driving in city conditions. They just creep in when you are idling or are pushing that red dial to the absolute limit. And for the most part, it is efficient like no one’s business. We were pushing the car throughout the shoot and even then we had a mileage of 18kmpl. However, if you do want to save the earth and save fuel, you can get more than the claimed efficiency in particular conditions. Someone in the first drive got a 35kmpl!!! What would you say to that? 

There is a sense of weight on the car. However, it is something that can be manageable even if you are planning to push the car to the limits. What you have to worry about is how cool you want to look when you’re doing stupid stuff in it. That’s all. The seats are kept comfortable as well and will hold you in place when the G-forces go high. 

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