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2024 Maruti Suzuki Swift | First Drive Review

This is a car you can buy if you don’t want a compact SUV


Suspension, frugal engine, interiors


Music system, infotainment UI


Most of us know or are accustomed to Swift. The singer and the car! (Let us get that pun out of the way) And in the dying world of hatchbacks, the Swift has become an ever-so-important car for people who don't want an SUV or people who have the enthusiast’s fire in their hearts. So how has the 2024 Swift performed? Well, to give you a short overview, the Swift is a very good answer for people who don’t want to buy an ugly compact SUV. And when you hear what mileage it gives… Oh boy, you are going to run with your money to the nearest MS Arena and buy it without even reading the brochure….

But keep the mileage aside for a second. I think that is a given since there is a power drop as well as a cylinder drop, the mileage on this would be pretty good. But let me tell you what happened with this iteration of the 2024 MS Swift. It became “MATURED”. Yes, enthusiasts, please don’t see this as the wet dream you had in the name of Hot Hatches. This is a mature car that is peppy. But it has lost a little of that speed and flair in order to put other important things forward. Other things that make it attractive to a wider bandwidth of people. Comfort, Safety, Practicality, and basic liveability with the car have been raised far up to cater to a larger audience. But this is not bad, don’t let it sway you away from the car. We hatchback lovers should be rooting for a car like this. This is our shining hope for the survival of the pure hatchback breed. And this is a good car, through and through. But now, let me break down why this is a good car. 


So, to end this, I have just a few things to say. This has become a capable car that is mature enough to cater to a larger audience. It has enough power to do all the activities that a regular human being can think of. Being inside it also doesn’t feel bad one bit and on top of that it gives the fuel efficiency of a motorcycle. This may have lost a little bit of swiftiness, but it has gained a plethora of other attributes that will make it one hell of a car to own. This is the one thing that will keep the hatchback breed alive in a world of compact SUVs. 

TopGear Magazine July 2024