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Big updates on a small car - Hyundai modernises the Grand i10 NIOS

Big updates on a small car


Features galore, better ride quality and cruise control


Wired Android Auto & Apple CarPlay


Ride quality has matured like fine wine. 

Nothing is too exciting about the 1.2L Kappa 4-cylinder petrol engine on the Hyundai Grand i10 NIOS. It is mated to either a 5-speed manual transmission on normal and CNG variants or paired with a 5-speed AMT. Either way, the engine and transmission are smooth. The engine does not enjoy being revved, and if you are looking for some performance, you will have to play with the revs and gears to get the most out of this compact beauty. We drove the manual with a great clutch action, light and precise. But, there is a change in how this car’s ride quality has taken a significant leap in handling our Indian roads. Thanks to the 175/60 R15 tyres, the ride quality has improved, making this car more plaint on most roads. There is more confidence at high speeds, corner steering at sustained momentum, and tackling road undulations. 


Steering input has always been light on the i10 NIOS, and the newer leatherette-wrapped steering wheel makes this car feel even more confident and accessible around the city and highways. Speaking of highways, cruise control seems a fantastic addition to inter-city travel. The dead pedal and no throttle inputs on highways were brilliant to witness on a compact car. A host of electronic aids help induce an innate sense of surety while driving the Grand i10 NIOS. Though it gets disc brakes on the front and drums on the rear, the braking performance is more than adequate and hard braking never had the ABS shivering. If there was a performance vs comfortable ride graph, the Grand i10 NIOS sits deep inside the comfortable ride radius. 

TopGear Magazine November 2023