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BYD Seal First Drive Review | Think Pocket Rocket, Not Grand Tourer

This BYD belongs to a generation of EVs you’ve not yet experienced


Driving dynamics, range, looks, perfomance


Low ground clearance


The powerhouse beneath the hood - BYD's Blade Battery technology is a game-changer. Their innovative stacking method not only increases efficiency but also integrates the battery pack into the chassis itself. This translates to a lower center of gravity, masking the car's weight beautifully. It's like BYD took a physics textbook, ripped out the chapter on weight distribution, and rewrote it with pure driving pleasure.

Let's be honest, the only reason you might consider a Hyundai Ioniq 5 or a Kia EV6 over the Seal is the slightly higher ground clearance. But if you're a driver who craves a dynamic experience, the Seal rewards like no other in its segment. Think of it as this: the driving thrills of a Porsche, the compactness of a BMW M340i, the legendary reliability of a Toyota, and the running cost of a Maruti Suzuki, all rolled into one very exciting package. Did I mention the two 5-star NCAP safety ratings? That's Tata-level peace of mind, folks.
So, the next time you're cruising down the highway, keep an eye out for the BYD Seal. It might just surprise you. It might even make you forget about chasing after that elusive Porsche dream. After all, in the electric car arena, the Seal of approval might just be all you need. 

TopGear Magazine July 2024