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BYD Seal First Drive Review | Think Pocket Rocket, Not Grand Tourer

This BYD belongs to a generation of EVs you’ve not yet experienced


Driving dynamics, range, looks, perfomance


Low ground clearance


Yes, the steering might not quite match the “Tactile Telepathy” of a Porsche's hydraulic replicative electric setup. The Seal's electronic steering feels a tad vague, and the steering wheel itself could use a bit more Teutonic thickness. But here's the thing: everything else just feels...better. Compared to the sterile interiors of some German electric offerings (looking at you, Audi e-tron), the Seal feels surprisingly inviting. Big, comfy seats upholstered in Alcantara hug you in all the right places, while the sturdy build quality exudes a sense of solidity. 

Stepping inside the BYD Seal reveals a driver-centric cabin focused on comfort and functionality. There’s plenty use of high-quality materials like Alcantara on the dashboard creates a sense of premium refinement. The sturdy build quality further reinforces the impression of a well-made and reliable vehicle.

One particularly noteworthy feature is the panoramic sunroof. This expansive glass panel not only bathes the interior in natural light but also incorporates automatic dimming technology, ensuring a comfortable journey even under harsh sunlight. This thoughtful touch exemplifies the Seal's commitment to driver and passenger comfort, creating a serene environment that complements the dynamic driving experience.

TopGear Magazine July 2024