Cars/ First-drive/ Jeep Grand Cherokee | A monster dressed as a Gentleman! | First Drive Review

Jeep Grand Cherokee | A monster dressed as a Gentleman! | First Drive Review

A monster dressed as a Gentleman!


Safety & Tech features - Future proof. Segment first passenger screen with privacy. Great handling and drive quality


Only Petrol Variant


Jeep is an American brand. Something that becomes evident when you land in any city in America, and you will see Wranglers and Cherokees, one in every five cars mostly kitted up proudly moving around. One can see the pride American’s associate with Jeep and has a very deep-rooted DNA dating back to the World War 2. We will not get there but there is an interesting history with Cherokee XJ, which has been Credited for basically starting the whole modern SUV thing, it was also the first all-new Jeep design for over 20 years when it was launched, it used a unibody construction and inspired countless rivals. Since we are on history there was one previous generation of Grand Cherokee which did come with a bonkers Trackhawk version, with a 6.2-litre supercharged V8 producing a ridiculous 707bhp and 875 Nm of Torque. Insane, isn’t it? Now digest this, it did 0–100 km in just 3.7 seconds bending physics. I went to America and landed in Los Angeles in search of that XJ, but, as you would expect, it was exorbitantly expensive and what I got my hands on was the more gentleman version of Grand Cherokee which I drove back-to-back in LA and Mumbai. The truth is Jeep India is not being allocated big numbers to sell, but the Cherokee is the halo brand and the most INR Jeep can command from your wallet. Now in its 5th generation and available only in one variant priced at Rs 77.5 lakhs (ex-showroom) does it have enough muscle to wield the BMW X5, Audi Q7, Volvo XC90 and a few others.


Jeep has sold more than 7 million units of the Cherokee globally, that’s a colossal number which speaks of its pedigree and the 2022 Grand Cherokee comes out clean, shattering all glass walls with future tech, simplistic yet powerful design languages  and advanced safety features. This American muscle has been completely ripped and is flexing its triceps to its competition and if you are looking for a heritage name plate which is a luxury off-roader, then there is none at the price point at which the 2022 Grand Cherokee is available.

TopGear Magazine November 2023