Cars/ First-drive/ JIMNY 2023 | Jack Of All Trades, Ingenious Marvel Of The Year | First Drive Review

JIMNY 2023 | Jack Of All Trades, Ingenious Marvel Of The Year | First Drive Review

JIMNY 2023 - Jack Of All Trades, Ingenious Marvel Of The Year!


Off-roading capabilities, Capable & Stylish SUV for urban as well as rural driving.


Its narrow width, Mediocre AC cooling & rear seatbelt 90-second siren.


There Is Nothing Remotely Techy In It!

Let me pin your hopes down when a car does not have a C-type charging socket; it simply means the engineers working in that car use a Nokia phone with a round-pin charger. There is also no wireless charging, only one A-type charging socket, and the sound quality from the speakers is nothing great. A 12-volt socket in the boot will be useful for inflating and may be charging a mini fridge for outdoor adventures. The wireless Apple Car Play and Android Auto work flawlessly, and the MID resolution is crisp and easy to toggle around, standard what you see in Nexa cars these days. The seating is high, and you see both ends of the bonnet, which is great for driving. Also, seat cushioning is great. Maruti really has got their game going in seat cushioning, and all their newer cars are extremely comfortable. In terms of safety, there are six airbags, but one annoying tech for the rear seat passengers is a 90-second siren timer. There is no passenger detection sensor for the rear seatbelts. It's already there for the front passenger seat, so it's not like the parts aren't available. Customers would leave the back belts buckled permanently, which defeats the purpose of pushing the case of rear seat belt fastening, which is very important from a safety point of view. There is no sunroof, but it's not meant for stargazing. The boot space is 208 litres which can be increased to 332 litres with no rear passenger sitting; the aftermarket roof carrier can also not take more than 30 Kg, so clearly, you will have to travel light. There are no rear AC vents that will make rear seat passengers uncomfortable, and the AC cooling is also not that fast, with the fans at the top mark making more noise than the engine and the honking. The placement of coffee cup holders is also in your blind spot and a little behind the usual spots. There is a nice grab bar for the co-passenger seat, which came in handy when I was flying the car on the offroad track. The cabin interior is all black, where everything from switches to the dials to the touchscreen controls is tactile.

TopGear Magazine September 2023