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MARUTI FRONX | Comfort And Sportiness At Their Best!



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Well, I was the most excited when I got behind the wheel. I am a person who enjoys driving on the race track, but when it's on public roads, I always prefer a small and compact car. Although the Fronx is an SUV, it is compact, making it exhilarating to drive on the narrow streets of North Goa. Luckily I got my hands on the 1.0L Turbo Boosterjet Petrol Engine with the 5-Speed MT gearbox, which produces 100.06 PS and 147.6 NM of Torque and comes with Direct Fuel Injection Technology. First, the handling felt moderately precise; the steering wheel has a flat bottom with softer curves. I would have liked it even more if the steering input was a tad bit more responsive, but driving the car in the traffic, I had clearly no complaints at all. With the disc in the front Brakes and the Drum in the rear Brakes, the Brakes were quite effective, but you might just have to be a lot more in control and alert while driving at high speeds because the bite point comes in a little late for my liking.  

On the road the MacPherson Strut in the front and the Torsion Beam at the rear suspension are a prevalent combination you would find in this segment of cars, making it a comfortable drive for me while going over the speed breakers and potholes. What left me in complete shock was when we took Nexa's off-road challenges, I never imagined the Fronx to adapt to my driving style on the off-road track. The turning radius of 4.9m proved to go around the tight corners smoothly; I thoroughly enjoyed pushing it to the limit. Interestingly this car has a ground clearance of 190mm, let me tell you, it's a boon to Indian roads, and it clearly helped me while driving in the challenges, and it will 100% take you glidingly over the potholes. The Skid plate on both the front and rear is an excellent addition to the car. At first, I didn't really understand or like the thick black cladding on the car, but well after the challenge, I do get why it is a plus for this car. One piece of advice I want to give is, "Don't be worried about the stone chips and fender bender damaging your car anymore". It might not appeal to many of us aesthetically, but the black cladding does its job wholeheartedly.

Be it on-road or off-road, what made me want a bit more from the car was the initial punch; the acceleration took its own sweet time to build up the speed, but once it reached its optimal point, I was happy with its power. The clutch felt somewhat soft, and the transmissions also felt longer while changing the gears. But, well, that is the race car driver in me talking. For a day-to-day drive, I would be satisfied with Fronx's offering of its 1.0L Turbo. 

Apart from that, I truly felt in my element due to the comfort level of the seat cushioning. I had enough legroom while driving. Fronx has a wheelbase of 2520mm, a width of 1765mm, a length of 3995 mm, and a height up to 1550mm, making it a Sub-Compact SUV. We do get a good amount of legroom in the back, but the headroom for a tall person like me (I'm 174 cm ) can be a little tricky due to the sloping rooftop. 

Unfortunately, I couldn't get my hands on the 1.0L 6 Speed AT for a drive on the roads, but I managed to try my hands on it during one of the challenges, specifically in the 360 camera challenge. I'm utterly amazed by the 360 camera feature, it works exceptionally precisely. The camera quality could have been better, though. Overall I like the decent ride quality on the road.

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