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Mercedes Benz EQS 580 | Made In India

The EQS 580 is long, low and mean. It can switch characters from luxury to performance with a simple push to the pedal.


Handsome looks, thrilling performance, excellent range


Lack of customization


What is it like to drive?

The EQS 580 has the biggest battery in its segment and powers all four wheels. Right from the get-go, it feels energetic and won’t pin you into your seat with ease. The force from its acceleration cannot be described in words, and it’s something one must genuinely experience. It’s almost as if someone shoves you back into your seat, and it’s an addictive feeling once you start driving the EQS. Mercedes Benz claims it’ll do 0-100 km/hr in just 4.3 seconds! Remember when you’d have to pay upwards of 3 Crore to get access to this sorta performance? This sedan could easily smoke an Aston Martin or a Maserati and probably even outdo them in range! Mercedes Benz claims a range of about 855 kms, but I’d reckon you can squeeze out over 500 kms even if you were driving like a maniac.

The EQS 580 weighs quite a bit, and you only begin to notice its heft once you push it around corners. The tires start squealing in protest, and driving this car on edge can be unnerving. Especially since the brakes feel entirely wooden and don’t have the best bite when you decide to drop anchor. The suspension works quite well and allows you to raise the height by 15 mm if you want to overcome any obstacles. However, 15 mm isn’t sufficient in most cases and given the relatively low ground clearance, it’s pretty easy to scrape the bottom of the car. Even though it’s made in India, it’s not entirely made for India, which you’d need to be mindful of. The steering wheel has pretty good feedback, and thanks to the rear axle steering, manoeuvring this long car feels like a piece of cake. Unfortunately, the rear axle steering doesn’t come standard and is only offered complimentary to the first 500 customers who purchase the EQS.

TopGear Magazine May 2024