Cars/ First-drive/ MG Comet EV | Every comet, big or small, deserves attention!

MG Comet EV | Every comet, big or small, deserves attention!

Every comet, big or small, deserves attention!


Form factor, features, 3-door design, customisations


Body roll, speakers, boot space


An illusion of space and modern design

Open the large doors, which almost open at a right angle, allowing excellent ingress and egress for all passengers. It’s surprising how large these doors are in comparison to the size of this vehicle. They also house twice as much storage space as conventional 4-door hatches with lovely soft-touch fabric in white and grey tones housing puny speakers. Folding the seats on either side of the car with an intuitive pull and push mechanism on the tensioned handles under the seat is possible. The co-driver seat has a self-rolling mechanism, allowing rear passengers to move independently when departing. The rear space is fascinatingly adequate for two adults, with individual 3-point seat belts and ISO fixes child locks at the rear. The front seats are tall, and the visibility of the rear passengers is limited to glass panes on either side. These are deep at the rear and broad at the front, perfect for adding passenger visibility and light to the cabin. Rear seats can be folded in a split configuration to add some luggage space in case all seats are not occupied.

Front seats have integrated headrests, and the overall upholstery is fabric finished with ample cushioning on all seats for a short commute. Longer commutes are best suited for front seats. The dash is clean and houses cup holders on extreme ends, just about blocking the cool-styled AC vents, keeping your drinks cool as a trade. HVAC controls are rotary knobs and feel well-built with a glossy black finish and chrome accents. The centre console features one of the most satisfying hand brake levers to operate in terms of texture and sturdy feel. The window controls are also on the centre console and are neatly finished with one of the coolest drive selectors on a small car ever. The texture and graphics around the knob, satisfying turn movements, and the platform allowing this centre console to end near the seats liberate ample space up front for a couple to play around with each other’s feet. 

The steering wheel is Apple inspired with a minimalistic but sensible approach and looks like the best steering wheel in MG’s arsenal in India. I wish it had paddle shifters, aka recuperation mode toggle shifters. Here’s an idea for the next iteration of Comet! It’s sizeable and can be adjusted for height. The dual-tone finish with white buttons and accents looks neat but dead buttons, and only one customisable button is a downer. MG includes 100+ voice commands, including regional languages, for easy access on the steering wheel. Dominating the dashboard are two large screens, 10+ inch wide displays with crisp resolution. Just like the car, MG allows tonnes of customisation with themes, welcome lights, speed limits and more with wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto and sizeable widgets, to say the least. Connected car tech offerings from MG are immeasurable in the feature list. The touch response on the central infotainment system is good. The driver’s MID features a neat 3D Comet in the middle with ample information on the modes, drive, charge, regeneration, DTE and dynamic indications. The colours are subtle and neatly laid out for easy information. Built-in 4G SIM assures roadside assistance and OTA updates to improve the features of the Comet over time. Both the sun shades have vanity mirrors, and the cabin light is a soft but bright white light ample for the Comet. It misses out on the glove box and wireless charging but features USB A sockets under the dashboard, and some neat space management features make it intuitive. Overall, the interior space is satisfactory for up to four passengers, and the use of whites, multiple tones, and textures finished in light grey makes the cabin seem even more spacious. PS - Replace the speakers with a decent pair as per your budget. The ones included by MG are only to exist and fill in the blanks. Gen-Z will be disappointed by the audio performance.

TopGear Magazine July 2024