Cars/ First-drive/ MG Comet EV | Every comet, big or small, deserves attention!

MG Comet EV | Every comet, big or small, deserves attention!

Every comet, big or small, deserves attention!


Form factor, features, 3-door design, customisations


Body roll, speakers, boot space


India is a developing country where villages are turning into small towns, towns into small cities, and cities here are densely populated with humans and their vehicles. In a world where the preferred body type is an SUV, MG Motors decided to launch India’s smallest car on sale in this time and era of electric mobility. Let’s get this straight, this is a freaking small car in dimensions, and to me, that is cute. This car with a different persona is sold in global markets, but India gets a cool name, Comet. Over 1.1M units of the GSEV platform cars have been sold and are running on international roads. If you’ve ever witnessed a comet in real life or through pictures, comets usually leave a long-lasting impression through trails, time and space. MG’s small electric Comet is no different.

There are tens of thousands of reasons to believe this three-door car is small from the outside and inside. After all, we end up trusting what we see, but sometimes illusions are termed magic! MG has played a fantastic illusion with the Comet. The car is definitely small in dimensions from the outside but surprisingly adequate for up to four passengers, all thanks to the clever three-large-door design, light-reflecting materials inside the cabin, large window panes albeit without the space to store anything more than a backpack at its non-existent boot. MG aims to cater this car for city roundabouts towards an audience willing to customise their vehicle as per their own identity. Let’s get real, Indian laws are against customisations unless provided by the manufacturer, and we end up in a crowd of similar-looking cars dominated by the colour white or a few handfuls of colours and maybe some weird decals. MG plans to offer ten unique themed packages over and above the colour of choice and individual customisations if you want to paint your electric canvas. Small EVs make sense but lack the feature list, power, range, etc., to justify their slight premium. This car rewires your brain and forces you to unlearn.


Verdict - MG Comet leaves a trail of smiles

MG Comet is mighty impressive as a small package. Expected to launch competitively with over 70% production handled in India, this car might undercut the INR 10L price point. It makes an excellent small car with smaller driving expenses and pleasures. It’s like one of those quality earphones that sometimes feel louder, richer and fuller than speakers when experienced in your own space. MG offers a five-year battery warranty with an additional two years as an optional add-on. The Comet feels unlike any other car; it’s like an electric go-kart with AC and creature comforts. The size is so small they could not give a space saver. Instead, you get a tire puncture kit with an air compressor in a neat pouch. It’s a great illusion of compactness, ample space and features galore with drive modes and zippy drive-through traffic. In a world where bigger is perceived better, MG Comet brings the phrase to life - Good things come in small packages. 

TopGear Magazine May 2024