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I have never been to Ladakh, and it’s one of the biggest regrets of my life. Why? Well, for starters I live in Delhi, which is arguably the closest metropolitan city to the mountains. Second, because it’s almost like a rite of passage for every passionate motorcycle rider in the country. But, it’s time to change all that. I have the trusty Royal Enfield Himalayan and dynamic Tecno Camon 17 Pro with me to bring back all those glorious memories. But, it wasn’t just about trying to capture the moment. It was also about preparing your body and mind for such a long and arduous journey. The total kilometre count was almost around 1000, which can be quite a task if one is not mentally in the game. Apart from keeping myself hydrated and fed, I had to make sure I have the right kind of riding gear and accessories for this incredible journey. But first, it’s time to gear up!

Royal Enfield X Tecno - Topgear Magazine 2021

Our journey had begun and it was paramount that we stay on the right path. For that, the Camon 17’s 5000mAh battery was more than up to the task to take care of all our directional needs. What’s more, it comes with an 18w flash charger – which ensures charging takes just but a moment. Don’t worry though, the Pro ‘suffix’ doesn’t make the Camon 17 any less. It comes with an AI lens and a 4cm Super Macro camera. FYI, this one comes with a Helio G85 Processor. The Himalayan, on the other hand, is powered by a 411cc, single-cylinder motor which comes mated to a five-speed transmission. In all honesty, the power figures don’t really matter here. Why? That’s because the Himalayan sweeps you off your feet with its commanding riding position and wonderfully balanced ride quality. Another point I have to add is the significant improvement RE has made over the years to the Himalayan. This isn’t the same motorcycle that was launched back in 2016. That makes this bike that much more endearing to me, and countless others.

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As the views became more scenic with every passing minute, it was time for more stops and shots. The Camon 17 Pro’s incredible 64-megapixel camera with features like 4K Time Lapse, 960FPS Slow Motion, Ultra Steady Mode, 120 Degree Wide Angle and Bokeh Mode is a treasure chest of beautiful photographs and superior video recording. There’s no denying the fact that the Camon 17 Pro does justice to the incredible scenery all around us. To be honest, the Himalayan also started to blend with the mountainous terrain as we climbed higher. That robust and rugged appeal of this ADV began to show with each passing mile. There was no doubt in my mind that this would be a memorable experience. But, there were some difficult moments along the way, as well. For example, one has to be extremely careful about the altitude and getting acclimatized in the due course of time. I was always around the 15,000 feet mark after a while, and this is where things can get slightly difficult. But, the mind learns to push through it just to have a glimpse of what’s beyond the horizon.

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We’ve already clicked some stunning images with the 64-megapixel rear camera, so it was about time we started to take some selfies. The Camon 17 Pro comes loaded with a 48-megapixel front camera which boasts of features like Ultra HD, AI Portrait mode, Super Night, AI Scene Detection and a whole lot more. Trust me when I say this, we’ve just scratched the surface in terms of the sheer capability of this trusty, robust and beautiful mobile phone. I mean, just look at that sleek dot-in front camera design! That’s not all, the contrasting colour difference between the phone and motorcycle also came out in spades. I was convinced there was no better way to go about this journey than on the Himalayan. Especially for me. That’s because I’ve had the privilege of owning a RE motorcycle for the past 10 years. So, it was only right that my first-ever trip to Ladakh was on this purpose-built motorcycle from a very special motorcycle company.

RE X Tecno - Topgear Magazine India

But, don’t think for a second that it was just the camera and battery that shines through on the Camon 17 Pro. It’s packed with a Helio G95 chip along with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage. So there’s no need to be careful while taking those unforgettable videos and photos. Just click away at your heart’s content. Let’s not forget the ultra-clear and smooth 6.8-inch FHD+ with a 90Hz refresh rate. Just like the overall design of the Camon 17 Pro, things are shaping up beautifully. In particular, the road from Pang to Leh was absolutely stunning. The long stretches of straight and beautifully crafted roads were complimented by the incredible surroundings. Kilometre after kilometre, the quality of those roads remained. The only thing that changed was the straights to curves and breathtaking mountains.

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What’s the point of taking any journey? Why go through the grind and grit? For us, it was a mix of many things. Let’s just say, the thirst to travel is an insatiable one. The more one undertakes, the larger the thirst is. So, whenever it’s time to saddle up and ride again, it’s imperative to have a close friend at hand, one that will be there by your side through the thick of it. One that will capture all those glorious moments with aplomb and keep you on the right path. I’m talking about the Tecno Camon 17 Pro, of course. Just like the Royal Enfield Himalayan, it’s been a trusty steed, capable of a great many things. What better way to celebrate our nation’s Independence day than a solo journey through one of the most beautiful places on earth. (This is a sponsored feature.)