After spending 10 days of meditating, trying to attain some inner peace, I finally came out partially successful. You see, inner peace is a fickle mistress that entices everyone but can only be attained by the worthy. What can help me achieve its worth is something that really resonates with my motives. Something that truly speaks elegance, calmness and does it in an oh-so effortless manner.

The Volvo S90 is one smooth Scandinavian cruiser, powered mainly by the front wheels; the Volvo S90 is equipped with an in-line four-cylinder 2.0-litre motor that produces about 250PS and 350Nm of torque. While these numbers don’t sound great, but it is more than enough.

The pull you have on offer is adequate, but it does seem more than adequate if you put your foot down. This S90 knows how to go. It’s not to say that performance is at its forefront when you drive smoothly, and honestly, that’s how Volvo likes to be driven.

It is a very calm and sophisticated package, the NVH levels are excellent inside the S90, especially with these double glazed windows. These do a great job of blocking out the sun rays, but you can always pull up the sunshades in the rear if you want more privacy.

Another thing you will appreciate while cruising is how minimalist the dash layout is. I mean, Volvo has done its best to reduce as much clutter on the inside as possible. I like the minimalist steering layout, I like the fully digital instrument cluster. The Volvo S90 just wants you to relinquish control and just glide over highways.

Turn on the cruise control and using radars, it will lock on to the car ahead and trail it while maintaining a certain distance. I got to say, adaptive cruise control has really been perfected by Volvo. Another initiative that I really like in this iteration of the S90 is the new air purifier that makes sure that the air inside the cabin is a lot cleaner than whatever is there outside, which makes it the perfect way to relax.


Another great thing about this car, and I am sure you have heard this a lot is these really comfortable seats. What makes them even more comfortable is that you can adjust the bolsters, and more importantly, they also have a massage function. Volvo has done a fantastic job of containing the cabin noises; every now and then, some noise never hurts.

And on those occasions, the 19-speaker Bowers and Wilkins 1400 Watt speaker system does a fabulous job taking away the silence. Personally, I wouldn’t exactly call it noise. But boy, does it rile you up. Listen to your favourite song on these speakers, and I promise that it will give you Goosebumps. One thing that I really appreciate in the S90 is the quality of the interiors; the fabrics materials used are top-notch. I like this tan-brown interior that makes the S90 look very rich on the inside and has a sense of occasion to it while still maintaining a suave of luxury.


Let’s talk about ride quality; that is important when taking such a long trip. The S90 offers air suspension in the rear and springs up front. But despite that, this rides highly comfortably. Just not that; I have been going over bad roads, potholes, speed breakers, and it just seems to glide over all of them effortlessly. That is something you wouldn’t expect from a car that is this low, but I guess the S90 is full of surprises. Now, when cruising at low speeds, the S90 is pretty easy to manoeuvre. It is so smooth and so easy. But as you pick up your pace, the steering does get heavier. In fact, if it’s not stiff enough for you, within the setting is an option to further stiffen up the steering feedback.

Now even though on paper 250PS doesn’t sound like quite a lot but slam the throttle, the S90 really picks up its pace. It’s only then that it actually breaks silence in the cabin. Still, otherwise, this engine remains relatively inaudible, and so does the rest of the outside.

You might be wondering that if ten days of meditation couldn’t bring me peace, what would one day at this wellness retreat do? We are here at the Viveda Wellness retreat, which is 180 kilometres from Mumbai. The journey for relaxation begins here, on the fitness track, which goes up to about 1.5 kilometres long, and it starts at the pebble circle. This is where people can come and unwind before indulging in any recreational activity such as yoga, Frisbee, cricket or even badminton.

Now your idea of recreation could vary. For example, you could enjoy hanging out by the bonfire after dinner or spending your afternoon taking a dip in the pool. Then, after a hearty meal, you can go and relax at the gazebos, where you can get comfortable and enjoy some peace and serenity while you are surrounded by the hills.

Subtlety is of the essence for the Swedish, and the exterior of the S90 shows. Unlike its German rivals, it doesn’t have an in your face design but instead has smooth body lines across the vehicle. In addition, it is garnished with just enough chrome to capture eyeballs without making it look too flashy. With the new update, the chrome grille further enhances the overall presence of the S90. Also new on the S90 are these 18-inch alloys that accentuate this luxury sedan’s look. Its long and flowing silhouette certainly makes it stand out from the crowd of other luxury sedans sold in India.

Now no amount of relaxation is complete with some calculated intoxication. And what better way to intoxicate yourself than with some wine when you’re in Nashik. If you came to Nashik and didn’t visit any vineyard, that counts for blasphemy, my friend. I mean, come on, getting to these places is no easy feat, but the S90 performed exceptionally. I thought I would require an SUV to get here, but honestly, it did such a fantastic job. It didn’t deter over any pothole or speed breaker and instead just glided over them like it was nothing. Of course, after the visit to the vineyard, I wasn’t gonna drive myself back!

I might be intoxicated, but I am not out of my mind. What better time to talk about the rear seat experience than now. I have plenty of headroom and acres of legroom as well. If this doesn’t get you comfortable enough, these windows are double glazed, so they help quieten the cabin. Talking about the back seats, the air suspension set-up to be soft and compliant. The only thing I wish the S90 offered was a panoramic sunroof, but at this point, I am nit-picking for things. The Swedish really know how to build a lounge.

This has probably been by far the most comfortable detour I have ever made. I mean, look at what Viveda Wellness has to offer; it is tough to say goodbye. But alas, duty calls and I must head back home. Although my comfortable stay is coming to an end, my relaxing trip only comes to an end when I bid adieu to the Volvo S90 cause it is a retreat in itself. And with that, I must, unfortunately, head back to Mumbai but, fortunately, do it in the Volvo S90.