Just like me, have you watched played plenty of car racing games or watched the action movies with great car chasing sequences or for that matter just been on the web looking at professionals hooning around in their vehicles. I cannot be the only one who was mesmerized whenever I would see a car corner sideways with smoke pouring out the rear tyres. I would look at people like Ken Block, Jeremy Clarkson, Tiff Needell, and many more and wonder as to the magical power they possess to get cars to drift into corners so gracefully and with such ease.

It is certain that plenty of you have even tried your hands on some parking lot J-Turns or some donuts or could have even gotten the car to successfully lose traction; you still weren’t able to achieve what we saw on TV, the answer to that is pretty straightforward. In India, most cars sold are all mainly front-wheel-drive cars, and to be able to side a car around a corner, you’d primarily need a rear-wheel-drive car. Now I know you’re going to wonder where will I find cars that are rear-wheel drive, so look no further. Mentioned below is a list of rear-wheel-drive sedans that you can find in the used car market without the need to shell out big bucks.

Now, if you’re wondering as to why did I set such a small budget to source some RWD cars, it’s because although buying these cars won’t be expensive, the real hole in the pocket would come when you need to get any part replaced or serviced. Replacements parts are available to keep these vehicles running but other consumables would cost a bomb, and hence the budget cap of Rs 6 lakhs.

I would also like to point out that it is extremely unsafe to perform any of these actions on public roads because it takes only a matter of split seconds before things can go sideways (pun intended). So my advice would be to please find spaces where you can practice your skills and keeping the safety of you and the people around you as a top priority.

*Images used as representation only*