Anniversaries are reminders of milestones. It’s our first since I took over the reins of TopGear India in February 2020. Our excitement was through the roof. We have made plans to create the best automotive content on the best roads with the best vehicles. Then Covid happened, and our first issue of TopGear, which came out of the printing press on 15th March 2020, remained stuck in transit and could not even reach our readers’ hands. Words cannot describe the disappointment. On top of it, some of the team hailed from other cities, and they had to be packed off due to the uncertainties that lay ahead as we gambled with WFH. We didn’t even get a chance to bond as a team, and with one big Covid strike, everything was in shambles.

Slowly we gathered our pace, and ever since, we haven’t missed any issue, any car or any bike for that matter. We hosted TopGear India Awards in Sofitel Mumbai, invited all the winning vehicles but not their company CEOs keeping the current complicated times in mind. We did everything that was supposed to be done, and today we are riding on top with our numbers, enthusiasm and excitement levels to reach for the sky and create great automotive content.

This is a special issue. We wanted to make it a collectors’ edition; hence we took a Lamborghini Huracan and Airbus H130 chopper and put them together, giving shape to our wildest dreams. Lamborghini’s cockpit is inspired by aviation and given a straight road; it might even be quicker than choppers with its 630bhp V10. It sure can compete with the 952SHP (shaft horsepower) of the Airbus H130. The thrill of a naturally aspirated V10 and airborne in a helicopter without any speed breakers or climbing mountains is mesmerising.

We took the BMW X5M Competition and drove it 1200 km to the hills, over snow, mud, and anything in between. It’s again symbolic for the 1st issue when I had made a road trip encompassing the whole of Iceland in a Volvo XC90, but with the borders complicated, this is the closest we could have got to get nostalgic, that is. Next year hopefully, in the Nordics or the way things are shaping up, maybe land on Mars with Elon Musk. That’s wishful thinking, but wishing is the best form of optimistic living, and I honestly believe whatever you genuinely want becomes true.

So wishing every reader and TG fan excellent health (please get that when you can), wishing all our advertisers a big thank you for making us thrive (keep your attention on us always; we love it), wishing my team remains as crazy (just don’t drink petrol over coffee) to keep TopGear India on top of its gear. Enjoy the issue and let the celebrations kick in.