To say that the “EV is the future” line has been overused is a massive understatement. However, they have been around for a while now and some owners haven’t really warmed up to the idea of driving around in utter silence while glaring at the range on the dials.
And maybe that is the reason a number of EVs have made it to the used car segment.
That said, the depreciation rate for an EV is surprisingly quite low which is why they command a premium even as used examples. A 2019 Hyundai Kona Electric that was launched at Rs 23.75 lakh(ex-showroom) is asking for Rs 20.95 lakh after 2 years and 12,000km.  For any other car at the same price, the depreciation would have been higher. Of course, there is some wiggle-room and if you are good, you can bring that price down by another lakh or so, but even then, it is very close to the original price and that isn’t a good deal for a second owner.

However, if you are hell-bent on helping the ecosystem, there are quite a few options out there. Also, there isn’t much that you need to check out on a used EV as there is no engine to give out problems. The basic wear and tear parts like tyres, brakes, suspension, and bodywork are all you need to look at. On much older EVs, battery health and the condition of the motor should be given a scan to make sure there aren’t any issues that might shock you later. Pun intended.

So let’s start at the bottom. If you are considering an Ather 450X, which at Rs 1.25 lakh isn’t the cheapest scooter out there, you can also look at the Mahindra E2O. The tiny EV by Mahindra is the perfect run-to-the-shops vehicle and is also good enough for the intra-city commute. Don’t veer off too far away though because the 19kW motor can take you just 100 km. Plan your trips and this will be pretty much perfect for the jam-packed traffic.
You won’t have too much space to pack in all your friends, but for that, there is also the e2O+ that can surely take a couple of them without straining itself.
Used examples start from Rs 2 lakh and because there aren’t too many out there, you also get some exclusivity and it is a good conversation starter as well.

The next one is again from Mahindra, but one that isn’t really desirable in terms of its design. The e-Verito is a simple, no-nonsense EV that was big on practicality and comfort but nothing else. The design that resembles the Verito which resembles the Renault Logan, which resembles the 80s just hasn’t aged well and in the EV clan, it is the old uncle sitting amongst millennials. But, every now and then, you will spot one (mostly a cab) puttering around town and you will raise your eyebrows and wonder what happened there. However, if you want a good back seat and a comfy ride, you will have to shell out big bucks as they are asking a hefty price for used examples. The listings have them advertised between Rs 7.8 lakh to Rs 8.5 lakh which again is shockingly close to its original price. Pun intended, again. It has a 72V battery that takes almost 9 hours to recharge and it used to claim a range of 110km. No idea what the actual number is now. You will need a strong reason to buy it though and we cannot think of anything else but sentimental value.

A similar example is the Tata Tigor EV. It was surprising as to why it didn’t gain popularity as the design was modern and fresh, and being a Tata it is economical as well. The 21.5kWh battery is good for a claimed range of 213km. Now we know how true manufacturer claims really are, but you can still expect around 180km on a full charge. There aren’t many on sale as most of the Tigor EVs were delivered to government bodies and car hire companies. But, if you find one in good condition, it is worth pouncing on. The comfy ride and practicality are carried on from the standard Tigor and the 180km odd range is more than sufficient as well. Also, you can always swap the white paint and not make it look like a cab. No wonder then used examples go for around Rs 7.95 lakh. It is pricey given that a new one is only marginally more expensive and a facelift with better range is on its way.

The Hyundai Kona Electric also makes its way in the list as quite a few of these have made their way in used car dealerships. The futuristic and striking design along Hyundai backing makes it an appealing proposition, but you will have to pay the price as well. Used ones are in the vicinity of Rs 20 lakh and as we mentioned earlier, the price for a new one wasn’t too far off. But, if you want to save those extra couple of lakhs and manage to find a low-run example, it is one of the best EVs to own. The 39.2kWh battery is good for almost 400km and the three regen modes go a long way to help you gain more range as well. Not the best car for back seat passengers, but it’s got the typical Hyundai features kit. Wireless charging, ventilated seats, sunroof, you name it.
Also with the new model expected soon, prices for these might just go further down so if you can wait a bit, or use this information as a haggling point.

The Kona’s closest rival was the MG ZS EV. The ZS has now been updated and gets more range, but the one on the used car market also has some strong numbers. For one, it has the biggest battery pack with 44.5kWh and a claimed range of 340km. The performance too is strong with 141bhp and overall it is a much more practical and comfortable SUV. But like the Kona, the prices at Rs 20.95 lakh are very close to the original ones. However, if you are keen on looking, make sure to look for the ‘Exclusive’ variant as it has a bit more kit like a panoramic sunroof and iSMART connectivity. 

Finally, also factor in the costs involved in setting up the wallbox chargers for these EVs. The company usually provides one, but make sure the dealer has it with him and your residence has the necessary permission and infrastructure to support it. Getting the EV checked via a reputable mechanic will always be a boon because even though there is no engine, there are other moving parts that require proper maintenance.
Lastly, let go of any pressure about buying an EV and worrying about what you will be perceived as. No petrolhead is going to hate on you or show you the finger while you drive. Pretty soon, we’re all going to be there, might as well get a jump start.