Sir Stirling Moss passes away at age 90

Sir Striling Moss
Sir Stirling Moss. (Image: TG UK)

Racing legend Sir Stirling Moss passed away at the age of 90 on April 12, 2020. Widely regarded as the greatest driver to never win an F1 world championship, Moss had sixteen F1 Grand Prix victories to his name during a 14-year long racing career. He had retired from the public life back in 2018 after having been a legendary part of the racing world. In fact, even though Moss never won a title, other racing legends like Juan Manuel Fangio rated as him as one of the best drivers in the business. Furthermore, Enzo Ferrari had considered hiring Moss for the Scuderia team!

Moss got his first major race shortly after his 21st birthday. He drove a borrowed Jaguar XK120 in the 1950 Royal Automobile Club Tourist Trophy. Soon after that, he drove the famed Maserati 250F in the 1954 Formula One season. His first victory in the world championship came in 1955 at the British Grand Prix. The same year, he went and raced the Mercedes 300 SLR and won the Mille Miglia with a timing of 10 hours seven minutes and 48 seconds, with an average speed of 159km/hr!

Out of the 529 races he started in, Moss won a staggering 212, in 85 different classes. This was at a time when endurance racing was considered as crucial as F1, and Moss was one of the most feared names in the game, at the time. His ability to push the car to the limit was one of the secrets for this success. Although ‘Mr Motor Racing’ had a desire and passion that few could match, he was also considered a proper gentleman. In 1958 Formula One championship, Mike Hawthorn had been allegedly driven his Ferrari off the track and then illegally reversed back onto the track during the Portuguese GP. Moss vouched for Hawthorn, which allowed him to keep his second-place finish and subsequently, become the first British F1 champion.

Sir Stirling Moss was undoubtedly one of the greatest racers to ever live but what makes him truly one of the best is that he did so with the ideals and morals that he held dear. Also, he did so without compromise. A true legend, indeed.