To counter the effects of the deadly second wave of COVID in India, Skoda Auto, has rather generously donated one million euros along with other supplies as aid. This donation comes in desperate times as the country struggles for oxygen supplies and other amenities.
Being a local employer in Pune, Aurangabad, and Mumbai, Skoda is doing everything in its power to help its workers in these tough times.

Thomas Schäfer, CEO of ŠKODA AUTO, says, “We are in contact with our colleagues in India every day. They know best what is most urgently needed at the moment. We are working hard to secure the appropriate relief supplies, including oxygen tanks, and transport them to India as quickly as possible. We are grateful that we can help our Indian friends on the ground this way. In these challenging circumstances, the ŠKODA family stands together.”
The other form of support, along with the one million euros, will be medical supplies such as medical equipment, liquid oxygen cylinders, and oxygen generators. These supplies will come to the German Red Cross who will be transporting them to India as soon as possible. Once it is here, Skoda’s purchasing and logistics department will be making sure it reaches the crisis regions on time. The Indian Red Cross will also be part of the chain and will provide their assistance in the local distribution of these supplies.

Gurpratap Boparai, Managing Director ŠKODA AUTO Volkswagen India Private Limited (ŠAVWIPL), says “The country is going through an unprecedented situation with the unexpected rise in COVID-19 cases, leading to extreme stress on the healthcare facilities in India. ŠKODA AUTO’s generous donation, both material and financial support will provide some relief to those affected.”