The neo-retro roadster segment has been picking up pace lately, with every manufacturer having its contender to grab the pie of unique market share. Royal Enfield has also jumped into the roadster bandwagon with its most affordable offering – Hunter 350. Here is a quick comparison with its rivals in terms of engine, dimensions, suspension, braking and, most importantly, pricing.


RE Hunter 350 H’ness Honda CB350 TVS Ronin Jawa 42 Yezdi Roadster
Engine 349cc, Air-cooled 348.36cc, Air-cooled 225.9cc. Air and Oil cooled 293cc,liquid- cooled 334cc, liquid- cooled
Power(bhp) 20.2 20.8 20.1 27 29.29
Torque(Nm) 27 30 19.93 27 29
Transmission 5-speed 5-speed 5-speed 6-speed 6-speed

The Hunter is the third model after Meteor and Classic 350 to be built on the latest J-series platform that makes 20.2bhp and 27Nm of torque. It has roughly the same power output as TVS Ronin and Honda CB350. Jawa 42 makes the highest power of 27bhp, whereas the Honda CB350 makes marginally better torque of 30Nm. Point to note- TVS Ronin has the smallest cubic capacity engine of 226cc compared to its rivals. Jawa 42 scores with a 6-speed transmission and gets a 293cc engine. Most importantly, Honda CB350 and TVS Ronin get a slipper-clutch.


RE Hunter 350 Honda CB350 TVS Ronin Jawa 42 Yezdi Roadster
Seat height 800mm 800mm 795mm 765mm 790mm
Wheelbase 1370mm 1441mm 1357mm 1,369mm 1,440mm
GC 150.5mm 166mm 181mm 165mm 175mm
Weight 181kg 181kg 160kg 171kg 184kg

Well, we do not have the exact dimensions for the Hunter apart from its seat height,wheelbase and ground clearance . The 1370mm of wheelbase is shorter by 71mm when compared with the Honda 350 and 13mm bigger than TVS Ronin. TVS Ronin is also one the lightest in its segment with 160kg of weight, giving it the best power-to-weight ratio. Seat height is almost similar except for the Jawa 42 with a 765mm seat height. TVS Ronin has the highest ground clearance of 181mm in the segment.


RE Hunter 350 Honda CB350 TVS Ronin Jawa 42 Yezdi Roadster
Suspension(F) 41mm Telescopic Forks Telescopic Forks 41mm USD  Forks Telescopic Forks Telescopic Fork & Coil spring
Suspension(R) Twin tube emulsion shock absorbers with 6-step adjustable preload Twin – Hydraulic 7-step preload adjustable, Monoshock Twin shock absorbers, preload adjustable Twin shock absorbers with gas canister

The Hunter 350 gets Telescopic 41mm forks at the front and twin tube emulsion shock absorbers with 6-step adjustable preload at the rear. Well, the newly launched TVS Ronin gets 41mm Up-Side Down golden coloured forks that Indians are obsessed with. Apart from TVS Ronin, the other three bikes get an almost similar suspension setup.


RE Hunter 350 (Metro Variant) Honda CB350 TVS Ronin Jawa 42 Yezdi Roadster
Disc Brakes (F) 300mm 310mm 300mm 280mm 320mm
Disc Brakes (R) 270mm 240mm 240mm 240mm 240mm

The Hunter 350 gets two variants- Retro and Metro. The Metro variant features a 300mm disc at the front and a 270mm disc at the rear with a dual-channel ABS setup. The front disc brake setup is almost similar to its rivals. However, with a 270mm rear disc, it is 30mm bigger than its competitors. Whereas, Yezdi Roadster has the biggest 320mm disc at the front.


RE Hunter 350 Honda CB350 TVS Ronin Jawa 42 Yezdi Roadster
Price Rs 1.5lakhs -1.69lakhs Rs1.99lakhs-2.05 lakhs Rs1.49lakhs-1.69lakhs Rs1.68lakhs-1.82lakhs Rs2.01lakhs- 2.09 lakhs


RE has clearly out-shined with its pricing. Honda CB 350 is approximately 50 thousand more expensive than the Hunter 350, depending upon the variant you choose. Moreover, the recently launched 226cc TVS Ronin is almost similarly priced as the Hunter 350.