Tata commercial vehicles get warranty extensions worldwide

Image : Tata Motors

While manufacturers and brands are taking initiatives for passenger vehicles, Tata Motors has gone ahead and extended support to their commercial vehicle customers worldwide. This is a very welcome move, as commercial vehicles are crucial in keeping the economy’s wheel rolling.  The company is also extending technical support to keep the vehicles running while the lockdown is in effect, ensuring transportation of essentials is not hampered.

For domestic commercial vehicle owners, Tata Motors has offered a host of benefits like a two-month extension on free services and warranties, extension of Tata Suraksha AMC and a one-month extension on all active AMC plans.

Tata Motors will be extending the warranty period of its global commercial vehicle customers in South Africa, Middle East, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, North-west African countries and LATAM (Latin America). Commercial vehicle customers based out of Tanzania, Zambia, Mozambique, Kenya, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Myanmar, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia will be given a two-month extension on their vehicle warranties expiring after April 1, 2020.